Undergraduate Researcher

Department of Chemistry
University of Vermont

Discovery Hall W319
82 University Place
Burlington, Vermont 05405




Background and Research Interests

Miranda is currently an undergraduate student studying engineering at Trinity University in San Antonio. She grew up in Providence Rhode Island, graduated from Moses Brown School in 2019, and is here in Burlington as a summer researcher. While not working or studying, she loves hiking, escape rooms, and one of her favorite hobbies, making origami.

She has previously been involved in robotics and chemical engineering research, always focusing primarily on computational and coding processes, and fabricating multidisciplinary systems. She has a particular interest in optics and optical engineering as a field, so this group’s project using terahertz spectroscopy is her main interest and focus for the summer of 2021. The prospect of using newfound imaging techniques to investigate art is one she finds fascinating and she is excited to assist in further research and investigation.

She has three adorable cats named after Game of Thrones characters – Daenerys, Drogon, and Rhaegal.

Stay tuned for lots of exciting developments from Miranda!