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Getting Connected at UVM: Game Consoles and Media Devices

Things to know:

Unlike computers and smart phones, game consoles and media streaming devices are marketed toward consumer network configurations, such as your standard home wireless router. As such, Game consoles and Media devices are NOT designed to support WPA2 Enterprise wireless networks, which is a standard security protocol used by businesses, and higher ed institutions, including our UVM wireless network. Unfortunately, these devices are not capable of connecting wirelessly on campus. The Tech Team does not support wireless connections of game consoles, media devices, or printers.

However, most game consoles and media devices CAN connect via an Ethernet cable to the data port located in your ResHall room!

My device doesn’t have an Ethernet port, what do I do?

  1. If your device does not have an Ethernet port, you may be able to purchase a USB to ethernet adapter. Check with the manufacturer of your device for more information.
  2. NOTE: The following devices are known to not work properly via Wired connections:
    1. Google Chromecast
    2. Philips Hue lighting hub

My device has an Ethernet port, how do I connect?

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your game console or media streaming device to the data port in your room. Data ports are typically found on the wall (Green, or Yellow), or on white Cisco APs (Pass-thru, Lan1, Lan2, Lan3) in each ResHall room.

  2. Once your device is connected via Ethernet, power it on. The next step is to register your consoles WIRED (Ethernet) MAC address with the UVM Network Registration system. Use the guides below for help locating the MAC address of commonly used devices.
  3. When you locate the WIRED MAC address of your device, fill out the registration form here: 
  4. NOTE: Devices are registered during normal business hours. You will receive an email confirmation when your device has been registered.

Locate your MAC address Guides

Apple TV

Blu-Ray Player

Playstation 3

Playstation 4


Smart TVs


Wii U

Xbox 360

Xbox One

If you have a device that isn’t listed above and requires network access, you will have to find the wired MAC address (sometimes called the Physical Address or Ethernet Address) on your own. We recommend that you use Google to figure this out.

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