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Set Up Notification - updated January 13, 2016

Effective January 14, 2015, SPA will notify Principal Investigators and department administrators about award set up actions after the setup has been completed in both InfoEd and PeopleSoft and all charstrings have been created. In addition to setup notification, Principal Investigators will continue to be informed when SPA receives a draft award document from a sponsor, before it is accepted by the University.

We have received feedback on the type, format, and timing of receipt of information setup completion from our constituents. We incorporated many feedback points and our own experiences into the new process, which is detailed below.

a) The Award Document, Award Packet, and a new PeopleSoft Chartstrings Report will be attached to the future notification emails as applicable.

b) We will no longer send the Award Notification to Principal Investigators Letter currently generated as an attachment from InfoEd. Instead, the email notification will include various links to our website, which contains the salient information from in the letter. In addition, we will discontinue including a link to the original proposal. All deviations from the proposed budget, scope of work, etc. will continue to be communicated before the award is formally accepted/awarded. Principal Investigators and department administrators will continue to have the ability to view their proposals in InfoEd at any time.

c) All future notifications will come from If you have questions when you receive a notification, please feel free to contact the Research Administrator or Financial Analyst with whom you work or simply reply to SPA’s central email account, and the appropriate person will assist you.

d) There will be three types of notifications - New Award, Advance Account and Award Modification. The major difference between them is the list of attachments that will be included with each notification type. For example, there will be no Award Document attached to the Advance Account setup notification. Instead, we will attach the relevant Advance Account Request.

c) The PeopleSoft Chartstrings Report is a new report that captures the unique charstrings associated with the award. In addition to being available in InfoEd, it can also be generated from PeopleSoft by the majority of campus users at any time.  Please see "Sponsored Project Chartstrings Report Job Aid" here.

e) The distribution list for award set up notifications will now include all Co-Principal Investigators and their respective department administrators.

Please feel free to provide feedback via the Your Feedback our the SPA website.

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