We offer a full complement of project management and grant writing services for complex proposals. What makes a proposal “complex”? These projects tend to be interdisciplinary, with multiple research, educational, or outreach components. They may involve a large number of collaborators, or subawards, and tend to offer a larger dollar amount than a typical grant in your discipline.

If you are interested in pursuing a complex funding opportunity but are unsure how to proceed, we're also here to help make connections and build your team.

Overall Proposal Management

  • Review solicitation and develop detailed checklists, timelines, and outlines of your response to the RFP/RFA
  • Manage the proposal preparation process
  • Participate in high-level, strategic proposal planning
  • Organize a Red Team review to maximize competitiveness of the final proposal

Writing Assistance

  • Assist with writing non-technical proposal components
  • Critically review proposal drafts for grantsmanship, readability, and responsiveness to sponsor requirements

Coordinate with SPA

  • Assistance with early Budget Development
  • Coordinate with pre-award RA/SPA 2.0/business manager for review of draft budget and for collection from collaborators
  • Liaise with Sponsored Project Administration (SPA)
  • Coordinate with your business manager/SPA 2.0 staff to route in UVM Click and submit the final proposal

Liaise with Collaborators

  • Coordinate collection of biosketches, letters of support
  • Assist with preparation and collection of subaward documents

Research Development Level of Support Decision Tree: Complex Project Management