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Roles and Responsibilities


Please see the definition of key terms, such as approve, ensure, etc.

Deans support and promote high quality research and education for their respective colleges and schools and they bear responsibility for college planning, including alignment of plans for educational, research, and other activities in their colleges.

They have ultimate accountability for their colleges' sound management of resources: fiscal, facilities, and human.

The Dean has the following direct responsibilities related to sponsored projects:

  • Approves proposal submissions on behalf of the college

  • Ensures adequate administrative support for research and other sponsored projects within the college/school

  • Approves college commitments for cost sharing/matching

  • Reviews and approves space & facilities commitments

  • Provides college oversight for compliance with academic and regulatory research requirements, such as human and animal subjects, radiation safety, etc.

  • Facilitates pre- and post-award grant administration between departments and dean's office

  • Assists with compliance with technical and financial reporting, as necessary

  • Conducts inquiries under Scientific Misconduct Policy

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