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Roles and Responsibilities

Academic Unit Administrative Staff

Please see the definition of key terms, such as provide, monitor, etc.

A unit administrator (regardless at what level, department, dean's office or serving multiple units) provides financial, human resource, reporting and other administrative support services for Principal Investigators. Unit administrators should have a general understanding of federal and other sponsor policies and regulations, University policies and procedures, and college guidelines as they pertain to University grants and contracts.

Specifically, a unit administrator has the following responsibilities:

  • Assists Principal Investigator in preparation of grant budget proposal and other administrative tasks related to proposal submission

  • Confirms chart strings for cost share commitments

  • If award documents are delayed, assists Principal Investigator in preparation of advance account request

  • Upon award notification, meets with Principal Investigator to make necessary setup entries

  • If necessary, sets up cost share chart string with budget entry

  • Determines who will be working on grant and makes necessary salary distribution changes for both sponsored and cost share activities

  • Sets up automatic monthly expenditure reports

  • Assists Principal Investigator with any recruitment efforts for personnel

  • Enters requisitions for purchases

  • Assists Principal Investigator with pur-card reallocations

  • Assists Principal Investigator with travel and expense reports

  • Makes any necessary journal entries to correct expenses on grant

  • Resolves budget checking errors on sponsored projects

  • Meets at least quarterly with Principal Investigator to review grant expenditures and effort reports and make any necessary distribution or other changes

  • Monitors cost share commitments and assists Principal Investigator to ensure commitments are met

  • Ninety days prior to grant expiration, meets with Principal Investigator to review spending plans to avoid any last minute changes or transfers

  • Thirty days prior to grant expiration, runs Close Out report and assists in resolving any outstanding issues

  • Makes necessary notifications to change any default chart-strings or move pur-card to new chart-string

  • Twenty to thirty days after grant ends, runs close out report and correct any errors

  • Thirty days after grant ends, lets the Sponsored Project Administration Financial Administrator know the grant is ready for the final financial report

  • Serves as resource to Principal Investigator for any financial or human resource issue

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