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Roles and Responsibilities in Sponsored Projects

This section is intended to communicate and clarify the critical roles and responsibilities of academic unit personnel and central administrative staff that support the University's sponsored projects throughout the grant life-cycle. Effective support is provided through a cooperative effort among central administration and the academic or administrative units where projects are initiated and carried out. Individuals providing this support often must have specialized skills and knowledge and specific authority. Please see the roles and responsibilities of the following individuals and offices.

Academic Units

Central Units

Three Principles

Three fundamental principles underlie the University's delineation of roles and responsibilities throughout the grant life-cycle.

  1. Responsibility includes the authority to make a decision and the accountability associated with that decision.
  2. To the extent possible, responsibility should be maintained locally within administrative units (Schools, Colleges, Departments, and Centers), so that decisions are made by individuals with the best information. In the research context, this means that these administrative units are responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations governing human, animal, basic science, and applied research. Financially this means if an inappropriate transaction is approved at the administrative unit or departmental level, the department accepts the fiscal responsibility for that transaction.
  3. Oversight responsibility should be separate from the unit that makes the decisions.


Please see the definition of key terms used in these descriptions (approve, audit, coordinate, ensure, facilitate, manage, monitor, oversee, review, process, support)

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