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Proposal Statuses in InfoEd

UVM uses the below proposal statuses to indicate where a proposal is in the proposal life cycle.  All new proposals are initially assigned a status of “In Development.”  Then, as the proposal is completed by the Principal Investigator and sent to the electronic routing system, the status automatically updates to reflect proposal progress in the electronic routing system. 

Pre-Submission Statuses

  • In Development - Principal Investigator has started a new proposal in InfoEd – proposal is editable by Principal Investigator

  • In Route - Principal Investigator has sent proposal to the electronic routing system.  When In Route, proposal is in lock down (is not editable) and cannot be changed.

  • In Revision by PI - Department Chair or Dean has returned the proposal to Principal Investigator to make revisions.  Proposal becomes editable again so that Principal Investigator can make needed changes. PI then starts route again from the beginning. 

  • Approval Route Completed -Department Chairs, Deans and SPA Research Administrator have approved the proposal for submission. Proposal in lock down and is no longer editable by Principal Investigator 

  • Submitted to Sponsor - Proposal has been authorized by UVM and has been submitted to sponsor. 

Post Submission Statuses

Once a proposal has been approved by UVM and has been submitted to the sponsor, the status changes to one of these post submission statuses. 

  • Pending - Proposal has been submitted to sponsor – UVM is waiting for funding decision

  • Awarded - UVM has received and accepted an award from sponsor

  • Not Funded (formerly Unfunded) - The sponsor declined to fund the proposal

  • Withdrawn - Proposal was withdrawn by Principal Investigator and UVM before the sponsor made a funding decision

  • Awarded / Closed - The proposal was awarded and the project is completed

  • Not Submitted - Principal Investigator started a proposal but subsequently decided not to submit proposal to the sponsor.  Proposal are deleted from InfoEd one year after status has been changed to Not Submitted.

  • Pre-Proposal - Sponsor requires submission of a pre-proposal before a full formal proposal is submitted.

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