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Prior Approval Procedure

During the life of a sponsored project, adjustments that have significant implications, for example a change in the original project objectives, change of PI or changes that have significant budget implications may require prior written approval before the change is implemented.

Depending on the award terms and conditions, some changes require sponsor prior written approval; others may be approved internally by SPA. It is important to coordinate with SPA and review the award terms and conditions for prior approval requirements.

Common Prior Approval Request for Federal Grants

Federal grants from NSF, NIH, NIFA, Energy, NASA and Commerce are awarded under the Federal Wide Research Terms and Conditions. For this cohort of sponsors a handy Prior Approval Matrix is maintained that clearly identifies prior approvals that require sponsor approval or have been waived, allowing SPA to make the determination.

Many prior approval requests are initiated and managed using a sponsor's eRA systems, such as NSF FASTLANE / or for NIH, eRA Commons.

SPA Approves Prior Approvals

  • All prior requests must be submitted to SPA for authorized official signature and approval.
Contact SPA

If you have any questions about the process, please contact your assigned SPA Research Administrator.

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