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Internal Submission Deadline - Five (5) Business Days Before Sponsor Deadline


All proposals must have the UVM Authorized Institutional Approval before submission to the sponsor. Before SPA can provide this approval, you must obtain approval from the department chair(s) and dean(s) of all personnel listed in the budget. You must also obtain approval from any department head providing cost sharing or space resources. UVM uses the InfoEd Proposal Development system to obtain these approvals through the electronic routing process. Contact us if you need training on the InfoEd system.

SPA has instituted an internal submission deadline designed to ensure that your proposal can be fully reviewed, approved and submitted to the sponsor in time to meet the sponsor's deadline.

What is Required to Meet this Five (5) Business Day Deadline?

  1. Electronic route must be completed 
  2. If you routed a draft version, the final version of the proposal must be emailed to the SPA Research Administrator for review and approval

You May Route a Draft Version or Final Version of Proposal

SPA prefers you route the final and complete version of your proposal for approval. We recognize this is not always possible. To expedite the routing process, you may route a draft version, as long as the required components (Specific Aims and/or Abstract, Facilities / Resources, Budget and Budget justification, Subcontract Forms, if applicable) are final and complete. Keep in mind that a department chair or dean has the right to request the final version before providing approval.

Final Version:

  • If you route the final version of the proposal, after all required chairs and deans have approved it, SPA will review the proposal and will contact you when the UVM Authorized Institutional Approval is completed.

Draft Version:

  • If you route a draft version of the proposal, SPA will contact you at the end of the route and will ask you to send the final completed version of the proposal via email.
  • This final completed version must be received by SPA five (5) business days ahead of the sponsor deadline.
  • SPA will then review the final complete version and will contact you when the UVM Authorized Institutional Approval is completed.
  • SPA will upload the final completed version to InfoEd there will be a record of both the routed draft and the completed final version of the proposal.

Time the Route to Meet the Five(5) Business Day Internal Submission Deadline

  • The route must be completed and the final version of the proposal must be received by SPA five (5) business days ahead of your sponsor's deadline.
  • The route path is sequential with SPA as the last step in the route. Chairs get the proposal first, then Deans, and if others are involved, they are inserted as additional steps.
  • The route typically takes 1 to 2 days to complete, but it can take longer depending on number of people involved and their availability to review and approve your proposal.
  • The Principal Investigator must carefully consider these factors when timing the start of the route in order to meet the SPA internal submission deadline.

To Keep in Mind

  • Many Departments and Colleges have their own internal deadlines
  • The College of Arts and Sciences requires a full 24 hours to review and approve a proposal

Dean, Director and Department Chair review and approval

Deans, Directors and Department Chairs review and approve proposals in accordance with UVM's Roles and Responsibilities in Sponsored Projects. They are particularly interested in understanding any department commitments related to faculty effort commitments, budget and budget justification, cost sharing commitments, research plan, facilities and resources and other proposal components.

SPA Review and Approval and UVM Authorized Institutional Approval

After all required Deans, Directors and Department Chairs have approved the proposal, SPA performs their review of the final version of the proposal. SPA then provides the UVM Authorized Signature and the Principal Investigator is then permitted to submit the signed proposal to the sponsor.

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