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UVM's InfoEd System for Proposals - Security Roles

InfoEd security roles are tightly controlled by SPA and RPO staff based on roles and responsibilities of users within each module.

Proposal Roles

From the Principal Investigator's perspective - Who can see my proposal records?

  • Principal Investigator and the Principal Investigator’s delegates (if any)
  • Dept Administrator of the Principal Investigator’s home department and of the proposal associated department (if different)
  • Dept Chair of the Principal Investigator’s home department and of the proposal associated department (if different)
  • Dean of the Principal Investigator’s home college and of the proposal associated department college (if different)
  • Dept Administrator of all people listed in budget *
  • Dept Chair of people listed in budget *
  • Dean of College of people listed in budget *
  • Additional proposal approvers depending on circumstance of the proposal
  • SPA, OVPR and RPO staff and committee members

* If your proposal budget includes people in different departments, these people can see that specific proposal only, not all of your proposals.

Additional proposal security roles are assigned to users who are Principal Investigators, Department Administrators, Department Chairs, Deans and others whose job requires access to proposal records.

  • Department Administrator - Departmental administrative staff who have department-wide responsibility for proposals and who have been approved by the chair to view proposal data, including budgets, will be assigned this role. This role allows users to view proposals within a designated department or college. This role is typically assigned to department business managers.

  • Department Administrator II - This role has all the features of the Department Administrator role above, but also includes the ability to edit proposals that are under development in the Proposal Development (PD) system. This is an important role for administrators with proposal creation responsibilities.

  • Department Head - This role is assigned to all Department Chairs and Deans in order to facilitate electronic routing of proposals.

  • Investigator - This role allows faculty to create new proposals in the Proposal Development (PD) system.

  • Investigator with Management - This role is assigned to all users who have been named as the Principal Investigator on any proposal at UVM. This role allows users to access, view and report on their own proposal activity in the InfoEd Proposal Tracking (PT) database.

  • Access Reports and Access Standard Reports - These roles are typically assigned in conjunction with the above roles and they allow users to create reports on the data they have access to.  For example, Department Chairs will have access to all proposals in their department, while Principal Investigators will have access to their proposals only.

Find Your Roles

  • To see the roles you have been assigned, open My Profile > Click Edit > Click General > Scroll down to the “Roles and Responsibilities in the Portal” section. Your assigned roles are listed here.

Request Access

  • If you need additional access, please contact us.  If your request is in keeping with SPA and RPO security policies, we will approve your request and broaden your access.

Standard Baseline Access

  • All users automatically have “Standard Access” folders which provide access to the baseline functionality: My Profile, My Calendar, My Action Items, My Workflow Maps and My Messages.  Find Funding (located at the top of thepage) can be used by all users to search for funding opportunities and to create automated funding alerts.

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