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Searchable Databases - Pivot Funding & Collaboration Tool

Log in using the blue Pivot link below or Try a quick search using a search term in the box and click "Search".

About Pivot at UVM

Pivot is a web-based product that brings together a funding database known as Community of Science (COS), and a scholar expertise database, COS Scholar Universe populated with over 3 million scholar profiles including UVM faculty and scholars worldwide.  These profiles are pre-populated with verified affiliation and publication information.  Pivot matches profiles with suggested funding opportunities and with potential collaborators at UVM and at other institutions. As the researcher’s profile information changes and the funding opportunities are updated, this list will continue to change. The more detail and the more accurate the profile, the better the matches.
Pivot also offers excellent university liaison support and user guides.

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Register for a Pivot User Account

Any UVM faculty, staff or student may establish a Pivot Account. A Pivot account allows the user to search, track and share funding opportunities and to search the Expertise database for collaborators.  UVM faculty and researchers, in addition will have profiles in the system which they may update once they have established a Pivot account, know their login and can then access this profile to update it.

If you have never created an account for COS follow these instructions:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the Pivot homepage and Login to Pivot
  2. Click “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill out all fields in the following screen.
  4. You must use your UVM email address. It becomes your Pivot username.
  5. Provide a password.
  6. Click “Create my account” button.
  7. Go to your email account, open the confirming email and click the “Confirm” link.
  8. If you have questions or encountered problems while registering, please contact Hilda Alajajian or at 802-656-1322.
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Use Pivot to Find Funding

Pivot is an online resource which combines a funding database (formerly Community of Science) with a database of scholar profiles (formerly  COS Scholar Universe).

  • While the look of Pivot is new, the information and functionality of the funding database remains the same as the former Community of Science database. 

  • Pivot continues to  identify funding information related to research, collaborative activities, travel, curriculum development, conferences, fellowships, post-doctoral positions, equipment acquisition, and operating or capital expenses, among others.

  • It is updated daily and can be searched by sponsor, amount, dead line, eligibility of applicant, funding type, and area of interest.  

  • Sources of this information include

  • federal and regional governments
  • foundations
  • professional societies
  • associations
  • corporations
  • Pivot Saved Searches can also function as automatic alerts to keep the user current with new and updated information
Advanced Search page
  • To search for funding opportunities, click on the "Funding Tab" and scroll down the page and click on the "Advanced Search" link.
  • The screen is split into two sections.
  • The top half is for selecting search criteria you want to include.
  • The bottom half is for any selecting criteria you would like to exclude from the search.
  • You can make choices in either or both.
The All Fields text boxes

These may be used to search the Abstract, Title or Sponsor fields with a word or phrase of free text.

  •     To make keyword selections click on the Keyword category and then select "browse".
  •     To open major subject categories and see the narrower topics, select the plus sign [+].
  •     By selecting the plus sign you open a category that leads to more keywords.
  •     Select the term and it will be added to your search query.
  •     The action of being added to the search query takes a few seconds after clicking on the term, so pause to see the screen "blink" before selecting the next term.
  •     You may select terms out of more than one major subject category.
  •     If you can't find a particular word, use the free "search" text box  to search for it.
  •     If it's in the hierarchy it will show you where and you will be able to select it.
  •     Once you have made all your selections, close the Keyword browser box.
  •     If you decide you wish to delete a particular term you may do this by unchecking the box next to the keyword you wish to delete.
  •     Lastly, you will want to uncheck the "Explode" box which would automatically include any keywords listed in the hierarchy underneath your chosen keywords.
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Automated Alerts

To receive automated alerts with targeted opportunities simply follow the instructions above to create an Advanced Search using relevant criteria, run the search and then save it.  When you save it you may select to have it "alert" you automatically with new and updated opportunities.  In order to turn on and off your alerts, click on the Home tab and find the Saved Searches folder on the left-hand side menu. This will give you access to all your saved searches and allow you to manipulate them as desired.

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Use Pivot to Find Collaborators

Use Pivot to find potential collaborators at UVM or outside of UVM.  UVM academic webpages have been harvested into a Pivot Profile for each faculty member to provide a current  searchable database of Scholar Pivot Profiles.  Pivot Profiles are searchable by internal or external institution, by free text searching on various fields of information and by geographic location.  For simple clear instructions on using the Pivot Profile tool use the Pivot You-Tube Channel to get a quick ten minute overview via 5 short video clips.
Pivot You-Tube Channel for help.

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Pivot Profiles for UVM Faculty

Claiming Your Profile
  • All scholars at UVM should have a profiles in Pivot, and will want to connect that profile to their account, or “claim" their profile. 
  • People who do not conduct scholarly research or produce scholarly works (most staff and students) do not have profiles. 
  • Claiming a scholar's profile allows the scholar to see the Advisor on his/her home page for funding suggestions and also allows the scholar to update his/her profile. 
  • When logging in, if a scholar's name in the upper right is hyperlinked, their profile has already been claimed and it may be updated by following the instructions below.
  • If the name is not hyperlinked and there is an option to “Claim Profile” it has not been claimed and the following steps should be taken:
    • Click hyperlinked “Claim Profile” to search for your profile
    • Click on the “This is me” button if you see your profile listed
    • Pivot will display the email address that is on file for your profile. If the email displayed is still valid, you simply select it. If you no longer have access to the email address, there is an option to notify Pivot of this change and you will fill out a form requesting “Manual Verification” which will be reviewed and validated. You will be able to complete information about your current affiliation including Institution, School, Department and contact information.
Updating Your Profile
  • Scholars who need pertinent information added to or changed in their profiles,  can make certain updates or additions on their own. 
  • Keeping profiles up-to-date enhances the quality of matches made by the Pivot Advisor. 
  • You can upload certain types of files that Pivot will index and make searchable. 
  • Updates now take effect immediately.
1. Navigate to your claimed profile by clicking on your name in the upper right of the homepage screen.
2. Click on the “Your Profile” link in the upper right area of your profile page
3. Click "Edit Profile" and it will open up a new browser screen with your profile in edit mode
4. Click "Edit" to open up the sections of your profile you wish to edit
  • Fields you can update include:
    • Links (Upload a CV or publications list in .pdf, .doc., or .txt format. Documents submitted to your profile are indexed and searchable as are webpages)
    • ORCID number
    • ISNI number
    • Expertise
    • Affiliations (past and present)
    • Education
    • Keywords
    • Languages
    • Associations
    • Honors
    • Publications
    • Grants
    • Patents

                5. After completing your updates, click "Done" at the top of the screen and then close the screen.  You will be directed to your previous Pivot screen.

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