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Internal UVM Grants

Every year, certain UVM colleges, departments, centers and offices award funds to support a variety of projects. These projects include:

  • Short-term research
  • Professional Development
  • Travel
  • Campus and Community Projects
  • Seed Money
  • Interim Research
  • Pilot Projects
  • Out reach Activities
  • More...
Internal Grants - Student Opportunities

Internal Grants - Faculty Opportunities

These are just a few of the opportunities that we are aware of. For a more comprehensive listing, please check the web pages of relevant University Colleges and Departments.

Office of the Vice President for Research

FAN - Faculty Active Network

FAN was developed in order to aid and encourage UVM faculty members in collaborative work. This pilot program is designed to encourage and foster faculty members - ideally between three and five individuals  - to tour or visit each other's laboratories, research spaces, studios, creative spaces, offices, or wherever their work is done. 

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FISAR - Fostering Interdisciplinary Scholarship, Arts & Research

The FISAR Grant Program is administered through the Office of the Vice President for Research and  seeks to identify and promote promising interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary research, scholarship and creative arts bridging the participating Colleges.  Faculty members from the following Colleges are eligible to apply:  College of Medicine, College of Arts & Sciences, and the College of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences.

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INFEWS Interdisciplinary Incentive Competition

In anticipation of the 2017 and beyond, NSF Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS) competition, UVM's OVPR is holding an internal incentive competition for groups of investigators who are interested in planning and building high quality applications for the forthcoming NSF INFEWS competitions.

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REACH Grant Program
All UVM faculty members active in scholarship, research, and/or creative work are eligible to apply. The REACH Grant program seeks to identify and promote promising research, scholarship and creative arts in all areas of the University by providing grants for seed money, exploratory funding, leveraging capability, and similar options. 

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This program provides funding for pilot project grants with the objective of translating innovative discoveries into the marketplace. This iniative is helping to bridge the gap between research and the marketplace by bringing promising researchers together with business innovators and biotech leaders. Proposals selected will receive start-up funding and milestone evaluation by a panel of distinguished and successful entrepreneurs. 

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The Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning, works with faculty and graduate students who want to increase their teaching effectiveness.  In addition to a variety of services and programs they also offer the following grants and awards:

  • Collaborate on Grant-funded research regarding teaching (i.e. developing online courses, web applications and usability assessment);
  • Instructional Incentive Grants are awarded for innovations in any aspect of teaching, learning and/or assessment;
  • The Kidder Award for Excellence in Teaching to a faculty member who has served in that capacity for 5 years or more;
  • The Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes faculty in each of the academic ranks who have demonstrated excellence in classroom teaching, ability to motivate and challenge students, and the capacity to engage students in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding; and
  • UVM Sustainability Fellows Program to develop a multidisciplinary faculty cohort engaged in a yearlong exploration of sustainability, the scholarship of teaching, learning, collaboration and community building.
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The Office of Community-University Partnerships and Service-Learning (CUPS)

CUPS was created in September of 2003 to support active, collaborative UVM-Community partnerships, high quality service-learning (SL), and community-based scholarship and offers the following support for those who are actively implementing service-learning:

  • Service-learning Project Implementation Grants provide up to $300 to support faculty planning and implementing SL courses.
  • The Service-Learning Teaching Assistant Program trains students in SL pedagogy and places them as teaching assistants in service-learning courses at no cost to the faculty or department
  • Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Program Seminar provides SL pedagogy and support for SL course development (participation limited)
  • Professional development funds of up to $500 for participants in the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning Program seminar to attend a SL workshop, training or conference or to present their service-learning efforts at a professional conference.

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Provost's Office

The Provost's Office invites proposals for the next round of EPI grants (Engaged Practices Innovation). The EPI Grant program is open to faculty and staff in all administrative or academic departments, schools and colleges.  It's purpose is to promote undergraduate student engagement through engaged teaching/learning practices.

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Seed Grant Awards

These awards are specifically directed at faculty research and creative/performance projects that are designed to facilitate applications for larger, clearly identified extr-murla grants in the immediate future.  The maximum amount per award is $10,000; in addition, above that amount, the College will provide a 50/50 match with departments up to a total award amount of $15,000.  The total award pool is $35,000.

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Faculty Research Support Awards Program including the Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award

CAS Faculty Research Support Awards support tenure-track/tenured faculty in furthering their research.  The award is designed to provide support for for research and creative/performance projects of the highest merit; provide funding during the initial phase of a new research project; provide funding for transition projects of faculty who are expanding their areas of research; and  provide support that is essential for a research creative/performance project to be undertaken or continued. The maximum award amount is $7,000; the total award pool will be $25,000. See website for full description and eligibility requirements. One Faculty Research Award, the Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award, seeks to honor the memory of former College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Joan Smith.

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Lattie Coor Awards for the Humanities and Fine Arts

Lattie Coor Endowment seeks to promote collegiality, collaboration, and multi-disciplinary scholarship, research and creative activity.  Each semester, the Humanities Center will support the formation of one multi-disciplinary cohort of up to five UVM faculty members to examine issues of pressing concern in the humanities and fine arts.  Members of the cohort that receive an award agree to meet six times per semester, provide a record of their discussions, and present the results of their collaboration in a public colloquium, symposium, or performance. Each cohort will have one Organizing Fellow ($2,500), and up to four Collaborative Fellows ($2,000 each).  In addition the group as a whole will be provided with funds for collective activities ($2,500). Applicant cohorts must include UVM faculty members from a  minimum of two academic disciplines or interdisciplinary fields.

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Bridge Support Program (BSP)

These funds are intended to support all full-time, College of Medicine faculty (75% FTE or greater) who, for one reason or another, currently, or will in the near term (within 6 months), find themselves temporarily without extramural funding for research. Funding is available to faculty with previous support through individual grants as well as through components of multi-investigator grants.  Applicants may request up to $50,000.

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Internal Grant Program (IGP)

IGP monies are intended to support research studies by College of Medicine faculty aimed specifically at collecting preliminary data for extramural grant applications. This program is not designed to fund pilot studies. Instead, it is meant to supplement the investigators current research program to strengthen upcoming grant submissions. All full-time/salaried College of Medicine faculty members (0.75 FTE or greater) are eligible to request research support from the IGP funds. IGP applications may now request $15,000 (unmatched) or up to $75,000 (Matching Fund Program).

More Information for both IGP and BSP programs

The Frymoyer Scholars Program
Frymoyer Scholars are awarded up to $25,000 a year for two years to develop innovative educational products or programs and/or to improve their teaching skills and in turn the relationship between clinician and patient. These funds should be used to complete a project or take courses in faculty development/bedside teaching that might not otherwise be done due to lack of funding. It is expected that two individuals will be selected as Frymoyer Scholars each year. Eligible applicants are Physicians and nurses actively engaged in clinical patient care and educating University of Vermont medical or nursing students, and others in post graduate training.

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University of Vermont Cancer Center (UVMCC)

The University of Vermont Cancer Center (UVMCC) awards funding to members and other UVM faculty for cancer-related research projects, postdoctoral research, and career development. Please see the website for details on eligibility, deadline dates and program descriptions.

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The Center on Aging

The Center on Aging seeks proposals for the Armin Grams Memorial Research Award every year to support pilot research projects that will lead to extramural funding in aging research.  One award per year is anticipated. The PI must be a member of the UVM Medical Center faculty. 

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Frederick C. Binter Center for Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorders

This grant program supports clinical or translational research studies by University of Vermont faculty aimed specifically at Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders.  Investigations must involve cross-college or cross-departmental collaboration or if within a single department, must be translational in nature.  Proposals must include a College of Medicine faculty member, but they need not be the principal investigator.

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