Watershed Forestry Resource Library

Welcome to the searchable resource library for the Watershed Forestry Partnership! Here you can find outreach materials that have been created by other organizations working on riparian forest restoration, academic papers, and other resources. If you have something to add to the library, or have a request for what you would like to see here, please contact Alison Adams at alison.adams [at] uvm.edu.

Tree and Shrub Establishment Guide

Published 2009
Author(s): Vermont Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRCS technical guide to tree and shrub establishment, including information about site prep and weed control; planting timing; storage and handling of plant material; planting techniques; protection from browse; natural regeneration; and direct seeding.

Riparian Buffers and Corridors

Published 2005
Author(s): Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
VT ANR technical paper describing the ecosystem functions and services that riparian buffers support, including water quality, water temperature, aquatic habitat, terrestrial habitat connectivity, and channel stability. Also includes a table of buffer widths for various riparian functions.

Riparian Forest Buffer Design and Maintenance

Published 2005
Author(s): Anne Hairston-Strange, Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service
This guide has been prepared as a resource for those who wish to establish a forest buffer efficiently, effectively, and with a minimum of maintenance. This guide is meant to help match the specific circumstances of a planting project and site with suitable techniques designed to avoid or minimize some common problems.

Federal Stream Corridor Restoration Handbook

Published 2001
Author(s): The Federal Interagency Stream Restoration Working Group
Old but extensive handbook on stream corridor restoration, covering topics including but not limited to physical structure, hydrology and geomorphology, biological communities, disturbance, developing a restoration plan, monitoring, evaluation, and adaptive management.