Watershed Forestry Resource Library

Welcome to the searchable resource library for the Watershed Forestry Partnership! Here you can find outreach materials that have been created by other organizations working on riparian forest restoration, academic papers, and other resources. If you have something to add to the library, or have a request for what you would like to see here, please contact Alison Adams at alison.adams [at] uvm.edu.

Vermont Lake Champlain Phosphorus TMDL Phase 1 Implementation Plan

Published 2016
Author(s): State of Vermont
This is the Phase 1 TMDL Implementation Plan given to the EPA by the State of Vermont in 2016. The plan includes a description of phosphorus impairment in Lake Champlain, and allocates loading and reductions in both point and nonpoint source pollution to various land use types (e.g. agriculture, forestry...). Also includes a description of the Clean Water Initiative and other programs to reduce phosphorus loading in the lake.

Vermont Conservation Design: Landscape Features Technical Report

Published 2015
Author(s): Eric Sorenson, Robert Zaino & Jens Hilke, Vermont Agency of Natural Resources; Elizabeth Thompson, Vermont Land Trust
This is a subsidiary report for the larger Vermont Conservation Design project (see "Summary Report," also in this resource library). The pages on "Surface Waters and Riparian Areas" (pp 11-12), are a good starting point for projects looking to prioritize riparian forest restoration.

Vermont Trees for Streams Resource Guide

Published 2015
Author(s): Vermont Association of Conservation Districts and Lamoille Valley Conservation District
The Vermont Trees for Streams Resource Guide is intended for conservation managers whose goal is to properly identify, plan for, and install vegetated buffer projects. Whether a landowner wanting to learn more, or an interested concerned citizen who is new to the process, or an experienced land steward whose practices match those within, the step by step methods are meant to inform and outline a consistent and up to date process for installing buffers.

A guide to riparian tree and shrub planting in the Willamette Valley: Steps to Success

Published 2011
Author(s): Brad Withrow-Robinson, Max Bennett, and Glenn Ahrens
This guide from Oregon State Extension describes six steps to help landowners, watershed organizations, agency staff, and others communicate about, plan, and implement successful riparian buffer plantings. The guide is designed for the Willamette Valley in Oregon, but much of it is applicable in Vermont/the Northeast, too. The authors describe selecting plant material, site preparation, planting, stewardship, and monitoring.

NRCS Specification Guide Sheet for Riparian Forest Buffer

Published 2009
Author(s): USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Describes NRCS specifications for riparian forest buffers, including zones, widths, vegetation, fish and wildlife habitat specifications, planting plan specs, and both natural regeneration and direct seeding guidelines. [NOTE: Some information may be out of date as this was published in 2009]