Stormwater Education Resources

This interactive storymap details how you can manage stormwater on your property or become certified through BLUE BTV.

Stormwater Impacts and Ways to Keep Our Water Clean

  • Economics of Water Quality (PDF): Water quality is strongly connected to the local economy, recreation, aesthetics, and tourism of the Lake Champlain basin. Learn what we can do to keep the basin's waterways clean.
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (PDF): Combined sewer systems convey both sewer and stormwater runoff to wastewater treatment plants. During large storm events, untreated or partially untreated volumes can overflow into waterways. Learn what's being done in Burlington to prevent overflow events and what actions property owners can take.
  • Understanding Cyanobacteria (PDF): Cyanobacteria blooms in our waterways can be harmful to people and animals. Learn about these forms of bacteria and what we can do to reduce blooms.
  • Maintaining Driveways (PDF): Driveways can contribute to stormwater and pollutant runoff. Learn ways to construct and maintain driveways that reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Best Lawn Care Practices (PDF): Learn about ways to maintain your lawn that will grow healthier grass and reduce stormwater runoff. 

Residential and Community Stormwater Management Resources