Learn How to Use Green Infrastructure at Home and in Your Community

Interested in learning more about stormwater and green infrastructure? Use the resources below to help you explore green infrastructure and the benefits that it can provide. These resources are largely specific to the Lake Champlain basin area, but make sure to check out the US EPA's website as well for more generalized information.

How-to Guides 


  • Ahead of the Storm – promoting land stewardship throughout the LaPlatte watershed region
  • BLUE – an innovative program that certifies homes, businesses, and institutions as watershed friendly in the Lake Champlain basin
  • Lake Education and Action Program (LEAP) – a program that facilitates stewardship projects by landowners to restore stream or shoreline habitat and decrease runoff to streams and lakes
  • Raise the Blade – lawn care practices that help to keep our waterways healthy
  • Rethink Runoff – learn about stormwater runoff through this program and how to reduce pollutants in runoff in the Lake Champlain basin.


Information & Tools from Partner Organizations

Past Events

Green Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Summit – Brought together over 100 professionals and practitioners to discuss the operation and maintenance of green infrastructure in the Lake Champlain basin