Meet Aquaculturists in Vermont

At Lake Champlain Sea Grant, we strive to promote, advance, and expand land-based aquaculture initiatives in the Lake Champlain basin. Aquaculture farms increase local food security, provide sustainable seafood for communities, and stimulate the local economy. In Vermont, there are seven private aquaculturalists. 

Check out how some entrepreneurs are getting into the local aquaculture industry in these short videos:

Go on a tour of Sweet Sound Aquaculture with Maisie, a 12th grader at Harwood Union High School. John Brawley, the owner of Vermont's only indoor shrimp farm, explains how and why he grows Pacific White shrimp for consumers in Vermont. Pacific White shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), is a saltwater shrimp native to the tropical East Pacific Ocean, with a range from the Gulf of California in Mexico to Peru. They are popular among the shrimp farming community. 


Go on a tour of Finn & Roots, Vermont's largest aquaponics operation, with Jessie, a 9th grader from Enosburg Falls High School. Holly Counter-Beaver, the President of Finn & Roots, walks Jessie through the parts of the operation in Bakersfield, Vermont. Holly explains how they grow leafy greens and cucumbers all year long, just 15 miles from the Canada-U.S. border, and how fish help enhance their produce and production.