Build Your Own Aquaponics System, Step by Step

These videos will take you through how to build an aquaponics system for your home, office, or school from start to finish. Follow along with Dr. Theo Willis as he explains what materials you need, necessary modifications, and the process of setting this up from beginning to end. For some helpful tips and tricks before you start, watch part 13 first. There are two options for the tank build, a glass aquarium or a rubber tank. Parts 2 – 4 explain modifications for the glass aquarium, parts 5 – 7 explain modifications for the rubber tank. 

Note: power tools are needed for this project

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: The Jig 

Part 3: Holing the tank 

Part 4: Solids Lifting Overflow (SLO) 

Part 5: Alternative Build, the Rubber Tank

Part 6: Setting the Window

Part 7: Installing the Window

Part 8: Stand Pipe 

Part 9: Filters

Part 10: Shelving Unit

Part 11: System Startup

Part 12: Alternative Shelving—AV Cart

Part 13: Hydroponics and Other Suggestions