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Student researchers learn skills in empirical observation, utilize cutting-edge technologies, and develop a sense of excitement about asking the big questions while working hard toward solutions.

Many Rubenstein School students are actively involved in ongoing research projects with faculty and graduate students. Undergraduate students have the option of enrolling in independent research courses or working directly with a faculty member or graduate student on a research project. Undergraduate students often present their findings at professional conferences and publish their work in journals.

A student planting a tree


Students have quantified the effects of zebra mussels on shipwrecks, studied what triggers color in maple trees, and measured Vermont's quality of life through the Genuine Progress Indicator with faculty in Ecological Economics.

Rubenstein School Faculty Research

Earning Credit for Research

How to Earn Credit

Research credit needs to be arranged prior to the start of a research experience. Follow the steps below to:

  1. Start planning when and where you want to do research and if you want to work on an independent project or an already existing project with faculty and/or graduate students.
  2. Develop and submit application materials.
  3. Get an offer!
  4. Review these Rubenstein School Internship and Research Guidelines and decide what course you hope to take and when.
  5. Review this information on Academic Deliverables by Credit and decide how many credits you hope to earn.
  6. After reviewing the above documents AND connecting with the Rubenstein Experiential Learning Coordinator, please fill out this Experiential Learning Plan.

Contact Meghan.Young@uvm.edu to confirm your research opportunity and/or if you have further questions about credit.

UVM Site Use

Submit a Request for UVM Site Use

Please submit a request to use UVM properties for research.  Requests must be submitted by the end of spring semester for summer use.

Contact us

Meghan Young

Experiential and Community-Based Learning Coordinator

meghan.young@uvm.edu (802) 656-5853