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Thinking about what you want to do after graduation? Curious about careers in the environment? Thinking critically about your interests, skills, and values is an important part of exploring your career and life direction. The Rubenstein School has resources and staff to help you chart your career path.

Path to Career Success

1. Getting Started


2. Gain Experience and Connections

  • Build your career marketing tools (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn, UVMConnect) and career competencies
  • Pursue an internship and/or micro-internship
  • Engage in Undergraduate Research through RSENR or UVM FOUR
  • Connect with faculty, staff, advisors, peers, and mentors to build your professional network and gain references
  • Connect with the RSENR Career Coaches on the Student Services team
  • Network with UVM Alumni via UVMConnect and the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to learn about career paths
  • Get a sense of job opportunities by attending career fairs, researching companies/organizations, and keeping up with RSENR news and events
  • Take the Career Center's CQ2 / CQ3 (coming soon) surveys

3. Gear up to Graduate

  • Continue networking and building connections!
  • Organize your job search strategy or apply to graduate programs
  • Find jobs through LinkedIn, Handshake, job boards, and/or company websites
  • Expand your network by joining professional organizations, attending conferences, and attending RSENR events
  • Tailor your resume and cover letter for individual positions and practice your elevator pitch
  • Polish your interview skills
  • Learn about negotiation techniques
  • Connect with advisors, mentors, faculty, and/or our in-house career coaches to seek guidance and ask questions
  • Take the Career Center's CQ4 (coming soon) survey
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Searching for a Job

There are many excellent web-based resources for job searching. We've compiled a list of helpful search tools on our Student Resources SharePoint site for current students to find jobs in a variety of environmental fields.

Job Search Tools

Applying for a Job

Resumes and Cover Letters


The two key elements of a standard job application are a well-crafted resume and cover letter. Reference the templates linked below as you work to develop your own resume and cover letter for your job search. We recommend reviewing the RSENR Cover Letter & Resume Workshop presentation to get started.


Just getting started? Check out the resume resources from the UVM Career Center.


Cover Letters


Just getting started? Check out the cover letter resources from the UVM Career Center.

Federal Job Applications


The USAjobs website has a lot of tools to help applicants tailor their materials to the federal format.

Get started with USAJobs. Need to rework your resume for a federal application? Check out this helpful resource for federal resumes.

Other things to know:

  • Resumes submitted on USAJobs can be LONG – be as detailed as possible. In this instance, it can be more than one page (or two, or three).
  • Items you mention in the application need to be supported by details in your resume.
  • Use the specific language of the job description – don’t worry if it feels repetitive. The first-round review will probably not be someone who works in that field (e.g., an HR specialist is not a biologist), and might not know that a dichotomous key is the same thing as an identification key.
  • To add up the experience time to match what the job description is asking for, use internships, volunteer work, field work from courses, part-time jobs, research assistantships…it all counts. It’s painstaking but worth it.
  • As always in applications, talk yourself up – now is not the time to be humble. But be honest!



Once you've submitted your application materials, it's time to start preparing for an interview. Review the RSENR Basics of Interview Workshop presentation for some tips and tricks. 

Meet with a Rubenstein School Career Coach

Emily LeForce

Senior Professional Advisor

Experiential learning, career development, outdoor recreation/education