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Faculty with Secondary Appointments
Name/Bio Title Contact
Lisa Aultman-Hall Professor in School of Engineering /Transportation Research Center email
Robert Bartlett Gund Professor of the Liberal Arts email
Paul Bierman Professor in Geology and Natural Resources email
Lisa Chase Extension Professor/Director, Vermont Tourism Research Center email
Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux Professor in Department of Geography email
Joshua Farley Associate Professor in Department of Community Development & Applied Economics email
Brian Lee Assistant Professor in School of Engineering /Transportation Research Center email
Beverley Wemple Professor in Geography and Environmental Sciences email


Adjunct Faculty and Research Affiliates
Name/Bio Title Contact
Karen Carney Research Affiliate (Present-2020)/Abt Associates email
Jane Foster Research Affiliate (Present-2023) email
Katherina Geider Adjunct Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2020)/Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife email
Robert Herendeen (Bob) Adjunct Associate Professor (Present-2020)/Gund Institute for Environment email
Jason Hill Adjunct Assistant Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2020)/Vermont Center for Ecostudies email
Robin Kimmerer Adjunct Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2019)/SUNY-ESF email
Steven Lawson Adjunct Associate Professor (Present-2019)/Resource Systems Group, Inc. email
Brian Mitchell Adjunct Assistant Professor (Present-2020)/National Park Service email
John Lloyd Adjunct Associate Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2020)/Vermont Center for Ecostudies email
Joe Roman Research Affiliate email
Rosalind Renfrew Adjunct Associate Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2020)/Vermont Center for Ecostudies email
Paul Schaberg Adjunct Associate Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2019)/USDA Forest Service email
James Shanley Adjunct Professor (Present-2021)/US Geological Survey email
Scott Sillett Adjunct Assistant Professor (Present-2019)/Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center email
Jennie Stephens Adjunct Associate Professor (Present-2019)/Northeastern University email
Austin Troy Adjunct Professor (Present-2019)/University of Colorado-Denver email
Mark Twery Adjunct Associate Professor (Present-2019)/USDA Forest Service email
Gayle Zydlewski Adjunct Associate Professor & Graduate Faculty (Present-2021)/University of Maine email


Part-time Lecturers
Name/Bio Title Contact
Tatiana Abatemarco Part-time Lecturer email
John Abbott Part-time Lecturer email
James Andrews (Jim) Part-time Lecturer email
Yurij Bihun Part-time Lecturer email
Eric Garza Part-time Lecturer email
Brian Hsiang Part-time Lecturer email
David Kestenbaum Part-time Lecturer email
Veronica Lopez Part-time Lecturer email
Leah Mital-Skiff Part-time Lecturer email
David Raphael Part-time Lecturer email
Charlie Rathbone Part-time Lecturer email
Eduardo Rodriguez Part-time Lecturer email
Brian Tokar Part-time Lecturer email
Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees Part-time Lecturer email
Christine Vatovec Part-time Lecturer email
Brian Voigt Part-time Lecturer email
Dan Wells Part-time Lecturer email
Kate Westdijk Part-time Lecturer email
Ian Worley Part-time Lecturer email
Eric Zencey Part-time Lecturer email