Secondary, Adjunct, & Part-time Faculty | Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources | The University of Vermont(title)

Faculty with Secondary Appointments

Lisa Chase

Extension Professor • Director, Vermont Tourism Research Center

Joshua Farley

Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics

Alexandra (Ali) Kosiba

Extension Assistant Professor of Forestry

Julia Perdrial

Associate Professor • Director of Geosciences • Department of Geography & Geosciences • College of Arts and Sciences

Nico Perdrial

Assistant Professor • Department of Geography & Geosciences • College of Arts and Sciences

Luis Vivanco

Chair of the Anthropology Department • Professor

Beverley Wemple

Professor, Geography, Environmental Sciences

Part-Time Lecturers

Ernest "Ernie" Buford

Research Specialist, Spatial Analysis Laboratory

Lucy Drummond

PhD Student in Natural Resources

Additional Part-Time Lecturers

Additional Part-Time Lecturers
Christopher HalsteadPart-Time
Frances HoagPart-Time
Oralia (Ronnie) LopezPart-Time
Deidre ZollPart-Time


Adjunct Faculty and Research Affiliates

Jason Hill

Adjunct Assistant Professor

John Lloyd

Adjunct Associate Professor

Austin Troy

Adjunct Professor/University of Colorado-Denver

Jennie C. Stephens

Associate Professor & Blittersdorf Professor of Sustainability Science and Policy

Additional Adjuncts

Additional Adjuncts
Karen CarneyResearch Affiliate/ABT
Jane FosterAdjunct Assistant
Evan GrantAdjunct Associate
Katherina GeiderAdjunct Professor & Graduate Faculty/Vermont Fish & Wildlife
Robin KimmererAdjunct Professor & Graduate Faculty/
Steven LawsonAdjunct Associate Professor/Resource Systems Group,
James ShanleyAdjunct Professor/US Geological
Scott SillettAdjunct Assistant Professor/Smithsonian Migratory Bird
Heather TalleyAdjunct Assistant Professor/Rubenstein School Master's of Leadership for
Mark TweryAdjunct Associate Professor/USDA Forest