Room Selection Tutorial

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Learning Community Locations

Please note: These locations are tentative at this time and are subject to change. 

  • Arts and Creativity:  Mercy, McAuley
  • Global Connections:  Living/Learning A, B, C, D, E 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship:  Simpson, Mason, Hamilton
  • Leadership and Social Change:  Christie, Patterson, Wright
  • Outdoor Experience:  Wing, Davis, Wilks
  • Sustainability:  Marsh, Austin, Tupper 
  • Wellness Environment: Central Campus Residence Hall
  • Gaming Collective:  Jeanne Mance

Disability Accommodations

Accommodation requests are handled through  Student Accessibility Services  and  must be renewed each academic year. Please contact them by  February 23, 2024  for best consideration.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • You cannot preference roommate(s) until they have opened and begun to edit their contract.
  • Roommate pairs may choose double or triple rooms. If a roommate pair is placed in a triple room, the third space will be available for another student.
  • If living with your preferred roommate is the most important to you, be sure to respond "Prefer Roommate(s)" on the contract where it asks you to indicate "Please choose what is more important to you?  Roommate(s) or Learning Community Preference".

Selecting With Roommates

  • On your housing and meal plan contract, enter the NetID  (e.g. jsmith)  of the person you wish to room with.
  • If you requested gender-inclusive housing, your roommate preference must have also chosen gender-inclusive housing (you can go back and edit that page until the contract closes).
  • Your intended roommate(s) must also preference you the same way.
  • Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes.
  • You are also able to search for potential roommates who may be compatible based on information indicated on their contract.
  • Be sure to save your roommate preference(s).


Q: How do I get a specific location?
A: On your housing contract, you will be able to rank your LC choices, and will have the opportunity to select your room after you've submitted your contract.

Q: I want to live with my friend. How can I pick a room with a preferred roommate?
A: On your housing contract, enter the NetID (e.g., jsmith) of the person you wish to room with. Your intended roommate must also preference you the same way. Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes. Mutual roommates will be emailed all the details about how to choose a room together.

Q: Can I sign up for a suite with my friends?
A: No sorry, you cannot. You can only sign up for a room with one or two roommates (as long as you preferenced each other on the contract). If you do sign up for a room in a suite, the other rooms within the suite are open to others who may wish to choose there.

Q: Can I get a single room?
A: Although very limited, some single rooms are available during room selection.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline to choose my room?
A: If you are required to live on campus, we'll contact you after room selection has ended and assign you to an available space. If you are not required to live on campus, housing is not guaranteed and you'll need to submit a housing request at

Q: What if I need a specific housing accommodation because of a disability?
A: All ResLife housing accommodation requests are handled through the Student Accessibility (SAS) office, and must be renewed each year. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for a housing accommodation and documentation is required. Contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) as soon as possible for the best consideration.