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One way we help support our students is by requiring them to live on campus for their first four semesters. Through experience and research, we know that on-campus students have higher rates of retention, satisfaction, and academic success. A common residential experience helps students connect with peers, receive support from faculty and staff, and foster academic and social development. We look forward to your arrival and invite you to start exploring Learning Communities now!


Submit Your Housing Contract


February 12 through May 17: Once you've paid your acceptance fee, you can access and review your housing and meal plan contract at Explore Learning Community options and rank preferences on your contract.

How to submit your housing and meal plan contract:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select  2024-2025 Housing and Meal Plan Contract.
  3. Explore your Learning Community options and rank preferences on your contract.
  4. You can add roommates by creating a roommate group in your contract. View the accordions on this page for more information about finding roommates. 
  5. Contact  Student Accessibility Services (SAS) if you need an ADA housing accommodation.

Please note: you can go back in to edit your contract as many times as you'd like to add roommates or edit Learning Community preference, but please be sure to sign AND submit every time you go back in to make a change.

View Learning Community Placement


Early June: Check your UVM email for your Learning Community placement. Be sure to follow your Learning Community on Instagram for exciting updates! 

More about Learning Communities

Select Your Room


Mid June through Late July: Room selection by Learning Community (students will have an opportunity to pick their own rooms within their assigned learning communities). Every student will have a specifically assigned time slot within their Learning Communities selection window, usually ~2 days depending on the size of the community. View our Room Selection Process page for a complete timeline and Learning Community building locations. 

More about the Room Selection Process

Attend Virtual Insight Sessions (Optional)


Late July through early August: Check out Virtual Insight Sessions to hear from Residential Life leadership about campus housing. 

  • July 11: Your Campus, Your Home
  • July 25: Your Campus, Your Home: Moving In and Making Campus Home
  • August 14: Your Campus, Your Home: Living in Community

UVM Orientation

View Your Room Assignment


August 5: Final room assignments will be confirmed via email notification. While most students are assigned to the space that they choose during room selection, certain circumstances like SAS accommodations can impact final assignments. 

Prepare for Move-in


Throughout August: Connect with your roommates, solidify travel plans, and begin planning what you're going to bring. Our Move-in Guide will lead you through each step of the move-in process!

Move-in Guide

Move-in Day!


Late August: You made it! We're so excited to welcome you to campus. Dates and details about move-in are soon to be announced. 


Finding a Roommate

You can find a roommate using the UVM official ZeeMee app, or by using the search tool in the housing portal to find roommates who may be compatible. You have until the contract deadline on May 17 to connect with roommates and create a group in the housing portal.

Creating a Roommate Group

Once you have found a roommate, here's how to create a roommate group: 

  • On your housing and meal plan contract, enter the NetID  (e.g. jsmith)  of the person you wish to room with.
  • If you requested gender-inclusive housing, your roommate preference must have also chosen gender-inclusive housing (you can go back and edit that page until the contract closes).
  • Your intended roommate(s) must also preference you the same way.
  • Roommate preferences must be mutual and cannot be added after the contract closes.
  • Be sure to save your roommate preference(s).
  • Once you have created a roommate group, you will receive an email prompting you and your roommates to confirm your roommate group. Your group is not valid until everyone has confirmed your group. 

Keep In Mind:

  • You cannot preference roommate(s) until they have opened and begun to edit their contract. 
  • Roommate pairs may choose double or triple rooms. If a roommate pair is placed in a triple room, the third space will be available for another student.
  • If living with your preferred roommate is the most important to you, be sure to respond "Prefer Roommate(s)" on the contract where it asks you to indicate "Please choose what is more important to you?  Roommate(s) or Learning Community Preference".