We strive to ensure that all students are healthy, successful, and engaged.

One way we help develop our students is by requiring them to live on campus for their first four semesters. Through experience and research, we know that on-campus students have higher rates of retention, satisfaction, and academic success. A common residential experience helps students connect with peers, receive support from faculty and staff, and foster academic and social development. We look forward to your arrival and invite you to start exploring  Learning Communities  now!


*Please note that these dates are tentative and may be subject to change.

  • February 12 through May 3:  Access and review your housing and meal plan contract at housing.uvm.edu. Explore Learning Community options and rank preferences on your contract.
  • Beginning  Monday, May 20:  Check your UVM email for your Learning Community placement and move-in dates.
  • Early June through late July:  Room selection by Learning Community (students will have an opportunity to pick their rooms within their assigned Learning Community). 
  • Late July through early August: Virtual ResLife Information Sessions! Check back here or at the Orientation website for dates & times.
  • August 1: Room assignments and roommates will be released via email notification.
  • Move-in: Dates and other details to be announced. 
  • How to submit your housing and meal plan contract:

    1. Log in to  housing.uvm.edu.
    2. Select  2024-2025 Housing and Meal Plan Contract.
    3. Explore your  Learning Community options  and rank preferences on your contract.
    4. Contact  Student Accessibility Services (SAS)  if you need an ADA housing accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is required to live on campus?
A: All first-time, first-year students are required to live on campus for their first four semesters and transfer students who are 20 years old or younger by the first day of classes, are required to live on campus for the two semesters. Students who have completed the four-semester housing requirement or never had a housing requirement to begin with, are not required to live on campus. Students without the housing requirement are strongly encouraged to seek off-campus housing. Not sure if you have a housing requirement or not? Email us to check your residency requirement status.

Q: What if I want to live at home?
A: Students who are able to live with a parent or guardian within a commutable distance from campus may want to live at home, and we will consider exceptions to their residency requirement. Requests can be made using our commuter request (PDF), which must be notarized, and must be received by August 1st. We do require a notarized statement from the parent or guardian for each semester that a student is required to live on campus.