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Want to stay on campus for Winter, Thanksgiving, or Summer break? We offer affordable, convenient housing so that you can explore Burlington, take classes, and make the most of UVM year round!

Break Housing

Request Break Housing


You can request break housing in your housing portal. The online form opens approximately two weeks before the upcoming break. You will receive an email notification with dates and more information in advance. Please note: Students found responsible for conduct violations during a previous break stay may not be eligible to stay for future breaks.

Request One-day Early Return


Request a one-day-early return from any break  in the housing portal. The cost for a one-day-early return is $50 and no optional meal plan is available.


One-day early return$50
Fall Break$161 for the week
Winter Break$161 per week
$535 for all four weeks
Spring Break$161 for the week


Summer Academic Housing

What is Summer Housing


There's no need to commit to a lease/sublet for the entire summer.  Live with other summer academic students in one of our residence halls with access to a fully staffed main desk and a residence director on duty 24/7. Questions? Email us at:

LOCATION: Marsh/Austin/Tupper (subject to change)

Who Can Apply

You must be enrolled in at least one UVM summer academic class. If you drop the class, you will be required to move out within 24 hours. It is possible to sign up to stay through between sessions, but there cannot be more than a one-week gap between the end of one session and the beginning of the next. 

Need to be on campus this summer,  but not taking summer classes?  University Event Services provides non-academic temporary  and  intern  housing for those taking non-credit-bearing classes, pursuing internships, or employed in summer jobs. Please contact or see their FAQs for more information. 

If you have questions regarding summer housing, please contact

When to Apply

Registration for Summer Academic Housing will open in the Spring. You can apply for Summer Academic Housing by filling out the "Summer Academic Request form" in the housing portal. If you are new to UVM, you’ll need to activate your NetID before you can request housing. Once we verify your enrollment status, we’ll send you a link to our summer academic housing contract. 

Bridge Housing

“Bridge” housing is available for no charge  for students who: 

  • live on campus during the spring semester and enroll in the first summer session
  • enroll in the last summer session and will be living on campus in the fall

Students approved for bridge housing between the spring semester and the first week of summer academic housing will stay in their spring room during the bridge week and move into their summer room the weekend before summer classes start. 

Checking In and Out

Check-in as early as Sunday at 12 noon.
No early check-ins are available and there is a $50 charge for late check-out. 
Check-out no later than 11 a.m. on the Saturday of your last week. 

Summer Housing Main Desk is located in the Marsh/Austin/Tupper lobby. 

Monday to Friday8am to 4:30pm
Saturday/Sunday12 noon to 4:30pm
RA on Duty hours7pm to 8am

Housing is charged from Sunday-Saturday. Your student account will be billed at a flat weekly rate. Nightly rates are not available. Complete cost breakdowns will be located on the Break Housing Request form. Exceptions: RAs and select Exchange students whose contract includes break housing.

Double Room: $246/week
Single Room: $325/week

Please note:

Your  student account  is billed after you fill out the contract.
If you do not move out on time,  a $50 late checkout charge  will be billed to your student account.

Refunds:  Our summer academic housing refund policy is the same as UVM’s tuition-refund policy. Once a course begins, there is a fixed period called the  add/drop  period during which you may add new courses or drop courses without financial or academic penalty. During the summer academic session, the withdrawal period depends on the length of the course. Check  add/drop dates.

If you require summer academic break housing but break housing fees will create substantial financial hardship, please contact SFS  to determine whether financial assistance is available.