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UVM geology in the field

From green space and groundwater to ancient reefs and tectonics — UVM geologists are teachers and researchers, and they welcome students to their projects. Is geology for you?

The study of geology is an expression of our curiosity of the world around us

If you have ever questioned why landscapes differ, why earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, why the mountains and oceans exist, or why the dinosaurs became extinct, then you have already been introduced to geology. Geologists attempt to answer the questions of "why?" "how?" and "under what conditions?", as well as questions concerning time ("when?") and place ("where?"). The process of finding the answers to these questions is complex and fascinating; it is what geology is all about! Discover Geology at UVM.

The graduate experience

Consider graduate school at UVM. Faculty are recruiting new students to work on a variety of funded research programs. See the list of current graduate student research. For project descriptions, visit our faculty members' Web pages.

The undergraduate experience

Professors in our department are excited about what they do and our students find it contagious. Pursue your degree under the watchful eye of faculty mentors who are experts in their fields, and consider getting involved in their research. Discover Geology at UVM








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