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An interdisciplinary network of scholars and community members focusing on the study of Vermont.

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Center for Research on Vermont

Fall Students visit Solar Farm


Why do People Leave Vermont?

This is a question that has challenged Vermont at various times during the last 200 years. Why do people leave? Why do they return? Why do they stay?

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Connie Gallagher and Jeff Marshall


Connie Gallagher wins Lifetime Achievement Award

George B. Bryan, Andrew E. Nuquist & Green Mountain student award winners selected Connie Gallagher, the long-time Director of Special Collections at UVM received the Center’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Center’s May Annual meeting. More than 75 members and guests mingled at an opening reception talking about Vermont ...

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Brendan Clune


Conference Explores Electric Power From the North

Under the shadow of the 1970’s oil crisis, Vermont’s then-governor Richard Snelling negotiated to purchase electric power from Quebec. In July 1984, the government-owned utility Hydro-Quebec and Vermont finalized a long-term contract, and over the following decades a large portion of the state’s electric power has flowed ...

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Meghan Cope selected as 2015 Frank Bryan Summer Research Award Winner

Children, especially those on the economic margins of society, are easily lost from history, in part because there are few official records of their locations and migrations. The turn of the 19th-20th century was a period of great change technologically as well as culturally in the US broadly, and, specifically for this study, in ...

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