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The Research Impacts team helps UVM researchers amplify the impact of their research.

We offer consultations and training, and assistance with proposal and program development.  We also help connect UVM researchers to partnerships and programs. UVM Research Impacts is a collaboration of the Office of Engagement, Research Development, and Professional and Continuing Education.

The importance of research in addressing some of our most pressing social and environmental problems has never been greater - and funders are taking notice. Increasingly competitive funding programs are asking investigators to lay out a clear and compelling scope of work that includes broadening the impact of research activities and findings.

The goal of these broader impacts is to take the potential of newly uncovered advanced knowledge and use that knowledge to address societal problems. Research Impacts encompasses broader impacts in all areas and fields of meritorious research.

For UVM researchers interested in strengthening the impact of their work, we offer resources, training, and consultations to assist with:

  • Identifying research partners from industry, government, and civil society
  • Connecting with programs and service providers who may assist in obtaining access to cyber infrastructure, K-12 outreach, broadened participation and diversity objectives, and communications strategies
  • Designing novel programming opportunities that suit your needs
  • Writing your partnerships into your grant proposals

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An Introduction to Broader Impacts

The NSF-funded group Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS) and Rutgers University have created a Broader Impacts Wizard free for all who wish to develop stronger research impacts and enduring partnerships. See the below introductory video for an overview of strategies to amplify broader impacts and using the Wizard.

More Research Impact Resources

Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS)
Broader Impacts Wizard
Broader Impacts Review Document for NSF Proposals
NSF Broader Impact Themes

Additional Services Currently Under Development

  1. RI Partnership Database
    A searchable database cataloging potential partners from UVM, community and state businesses, and educational services.
  2. Workshop/Seminar Series
    Themed workshops and seminars to provide strategies on developing, funding, and amplifying strong research impacts.
  3. RI Evaluation Training & Services
    Resources and services available for research impact evaluation.


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What to expect: Consultations will occur with UVM’s Research Impact (RI) Professionals from Research Development, the Office of Engagement, and Continuing and Distance Education. The specialties of this team are ideally suited for maximizing your research impact.  They will help you strengthen your research proposals and increase the impact of the important work you do.