All faculty are welcome to request a substantive review on any proposal before submission. We specialize in grantsmanship review of your proposal narrative, with an emphasis on matching responsiveness to your funding solicitation, streamlining narrative flow, and framing your project to maximize appeal. The number of reviews and additional services we can provide will depend on the timing of your review request and the current capacity of our team (see Decision Tree below).

Requesting assistance early (> 2 months from deadline) ensures availability of RD support.

Proposal Review and Grantsmanship Critique

  • Thorough review of your full proposal for grantsmanship with annotated comments and suggestions
  • Review for responsiveness to reviewer critiques (for resubmissions) and to RFP/RFA requirements
  • Substantively edit your draft

Additional Proposal Writing Assistance for Early Career Faculty and Faculty Working With a New Federal Agency

  • Detailed checklists, timelines, and templates tailored to your funding opportunity
  • Assistance in the preparation of non-technical proposal sections
  • Editing to improve the clarity, flow, formatting, and presentation of your document

Research Development Level of Support Decision Tree: Grant Writing Support Services

Request Grant Writing Support


If you are a graduate student or postdoc looking for grant writing support, contact the Graduate Writing Center.