Strategic planning to position faculty for federal research funding and leadership opportunities.

Lewis-Burke Associates keeps UVM up-to-date on national research interests and trends, omnibus spending changes, new programs, agency and government-wide initiatives, appropriations and authorization legislation, and profile-raising opportunities. They also work closely with the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Executive Branch, thought leaders, and global organizations to build and leverage relationships that advance the policy and funding objectives of UVM.

Lewis-Burke Associates provides UVM with a steady stream of analyses and highlights funding opportunities that may be relevant to UVM researchers.

Click the link below to access past analyses and reports covering trends by topic areas across federal agencies. (Note: This information is for UVM affiliates only. You must login with your netid login credentials in order to view. Sharing with colleagues outside of UVM is not allowed.)

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Our office receives multiple funding opportunities a week from Lewis-Burke Associates that we pass on to faculty and researchers we know who are well positioned for that opportunity and who may be interested.

Help us help you! If we aren't familiar with your research, request a consult so we can keep an eye out for strategic opportunities that might be a good fit.

Lewis-Burke Associates

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