Starting your academic career can be a scary, stressful, yet ultimately exciting time - for students and families alike. We're sure you have a lot of questions and hope that our site has answered most of them for you, but realistically, we know it's impossible to cover everything.

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Orientation Leaders (more frequently referred to as OLs) are upper class student leaders who help new students make a successful and smooth transition into UVM by serving as resources and role models by providing help and advice to incoming students and their families during orientation sessions throughout the summer! We will be hiring to fill these roles within the next couple of months, so check back for more information on how to apply!



  • Carly Moulton (She/Her) (Student Orientation Coordinator)

    Class: 2020
    Hometown: Rockport, Massachusetts 
    College: College of Arts and Sciences
    Academic Interest: Psychology
    Favorite Place On Campus: Southwick Music Hall. I love to go there and listen to music being played.



College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
  • Adrian Pastor (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest:  Public Communication
    Hometown:  Bronx, New York
    Best Advice For First Year StudentsDon’t expect everything to go your way. Most times we learn from faliures.

  • Cara Cahill (She/Her)

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Public Communication, Behavioral Change Health Studies, Sports Management
    Hometown:  Andover, MA
    Favorite Place to Eat Of Campus: Henry's and Texas Roadhouse

  • Johannah Gaitings-Harrod (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Dietetics, Nutrition, Food Science
    Hometown: Corinth, ME
    Best Advice For First Year Students: Try to join a lot of different clubs and opportunitiesto meet more people!

  • Marina Cannon (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Microbiology, Chemistry, Molecular Genetics 
    Hometown: Denver, CO
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: I do research in the Helms Cahan lab.  I am studying factors impacting the gut microbiome of bumblebees!

  • Sophia Riveros (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Food Systems, Community and International Development 
    Hometown: Newark, DE
    Involvement on Campus: I love sitting in the garden by Marsh Life Science because it is such a peaceful, lovely little spot.  

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
  • Ben Bieri (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Theatre, Political Science
    Hometown: HCMC, Vietnam 
    Favorite Place on Campus: Don't be afraid to be yourself. People and friends will come. You don't need to change for others. 

  • Bridget Barry (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Elementary Education, Spanish
    Hometown: Baltimore, MD
    Favorite Place to Eat On Campus: New World Tortilla. The chicken vera cruz wrap rocks!

  • Brooke Perry (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psycological Science
    Hometown: Woburn, MA
    Favorite Places to Eat Off CampusVermont Pub and Brewery, American Flatbread, Koto, Buffalo Wild Wings

  • Cate Kreider (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Environmental Sciences
    Hometown: Ringwood, NJ
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: I love going to UVM Bored events and Davis Center fairs and the like. And events thrown by the learning communities are also really fun to attend!  

  • Conrad Sacher (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Biology
    Hometown: Camp Hill, PA
    Favorite Place on Campus: Living/Learning Gallery. It's cozy and homely. 

  • Erin Adams (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: English (Writing concentration). Theatre and Consumer Advertising. 
    Hometown: Leominster, MA 
    Best Study Tip: Don't do work in your dorm, there's too many distractions! Plus there are lots of cool study spots across campus if you look hard enough!

  • Jackson Schilling (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Science
    Hometown: Arlington, MA
    Favorite UVM Class So FarPHIL 010- Intro to Philosophy. I always left this class thinking about the world in a different way. It is by far the most interesting and thought provoking class I have taken. 

  • Joy Vincenzo (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psychological Sciences. Human Development Family Studies, Business Administration.
    Hometown: Portland, CT 
    Favorite Place on Campus: The Greenhouse because it is so warm all the time and a peaceful and private area to do work. 

  • Kat Henderson (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Social Work. Spanish, Community and International Development.
    Hometown: Braintree, MA
    Best Study Tip: Try your best to plan out your week in advance, reserving time for studying/homework and time for fun/relaxation. 

  • Lily Deware (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psychology
    Hometown: Easton, MA
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: Uvm hockey games!   

  • Sophie Venturo (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Political Science. Geography. Public Communications.
    Hometown: St. Albans, VT
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: I'm always up for the events put on by my learning community and residence hall! There's always games and snacks and it's a great way to connect with people you live and learn with.

  • Zach Kiefer (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interet: Computer Science. Music. 
    Hometown: Warrington, PA 
    Advice For First Year Students: Look at UVM Bored! It's super helpful to see what's going on around campus.

  • Zyakkiriah Rhoden (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Health and Society
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    On Campus Academic Support: I have found academic support by setting up appointments with my advisor throughout the semester even if it is just to check in. I have also gone to the advising center when I was having trouble choosing a major. Another thing I do when I am struggling academically in a class is go to my professor's office hours or set up an appointment with them.  

  • Macarena Pelaez SalinasMacarena Pelaez Salinas (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Global Studies 
    Hometown: Homestead, Florida 
    Best On-Campus Support: Going to my professor's office hours! They're there to help you!

  • Matt Hagberg (He/Him/They/Them)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psycology. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.
    Hometown: Hazlet, CT
    Favorite Places on Campus: The Redstone Pines because it's the best hammocking spot on campus!

  • Morgan Williamson (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Human Development and Family Studies
    Hometown: Brentwood, NH 
    Best On-Campus Support: MCSC (Mosaic Center For Students of Color). The couches are insanely comfortable, great for napping. Also, it's an amazing space to create new relationships with staff and students alike!

  • Rebecca Shames (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest:  French. Sociology. History.
    Hometown: Medfield, MA
    Advice For First Year Students: Don't be discouraged if you feel like you aren't making any friends right away, it takes time! 

  • Riya Padukone (She/Her)

    Class: 2021 
    Academic Interest: Microbiology
    Hometown: Kensington, NH
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: Work is a good way of getting involved.  

  • Sanarya Kareem (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Psychology. Law and Society.
    Hometown: S. Burlington, VT 
    Favorite Place On Campus: The Mosaic Center! I feel at home there!

College of Engineering and Math Sciences (CEMS)
  • Ellery Finn (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Biomedical Engineering
    Hometown: Hartford, CT
    Favorite Place On CampusDavis Center because it is where everyone hangs out and there is always something going on and there is always something to do. 

  • Emmanuella Boateng (Emmanuella)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Biomedical Engineering. Anthropology of Global Health.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Best Study Tip or Homework Help: Don't Procrastinate! And going over exams with professors after getting the results back will help you during finals.

  • Michael Newton (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Environmental Engineering
    Hometown: Pembroke, NH
    Favorite Place to Eat Off CampusPingala (Vegan!) is a ride away but very worth it. Nearby I’m a fan of Ahli Baba’s and Thai Dishes.

  • Preston Grippo (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Mechanical Engineering
    Hometown: South Burlington, VT
    Favorite Place on Campus: The campus green on a nice day. I love seeing everybody outside having a good time and enjoying life.

College of Education and Social Services (CESS)
  • Ama Sika (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Social Work. Chinese.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Best On Campus Academic Support: Tutoring Center. It has been very helpful to me.
  • Megan Faber (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Human Development and Family Studies. Health and Society. 
    Wayne, NJ 
    Favorite Place to Eat On CampusI love to stop in at Henderson’s Cafe on my way to class for a nice drink and pastry.
  • Nick Fech (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Human Development and Family Studies. Behavioral Change Health Studies, Special Education.
    Hometown: Fairfield, CT
    Outside of Your Clubs and Orgs How Do You Get Involved On Campus: I work out each morning, I have taken cooking classes in the Central Campus Discovery Kitchen, and I go to UVM Program Board (UPB) events!  
College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS)
  • Gabie Hebert (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Medical Radiation Science 
    Hometown: Peabody, MA
    Favorite Place to Eat On CampusBrennan's and Skinny Pancake.

  • Jen Zwerling (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Health Sciences
    Hometown: Setauket, NY 
    Favorite UVM Professor: Holly Busier because she is honest, friendly and truly wants to get to know you on a personal level. She really takes the time to help students and its obvious she cares about the material she is teaching and wants all of us to gain something from it.

  • Megan Fariel (She/Her)

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Sociology. Spanish.
    Hometown: White River Junction, VT
    Favorite Place On CampusNear the Interfaith center there is a path where you can enjoy a sweeping view of Mt. Mansfield. I love it!

  • Ouimaima Sriji (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Medical Labratory Science. Chemistry and College of Medicine COMU minor. 
    Hometown: Chatham, NJ
    Advice For First Year Students: Don’t stress about the future as much as what’s currently happening. 

Grossman School of Business (GSB)
  • Delaney Bryant (She/Her)

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Business Administration. Accounting. Economics. 
    Hometown: Derby, VT 
    Favorite Place to Eat Off Campus: Henry’s Diner and El Gato Cantina. 

  • Matt Lyon (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Marketing and Finance. Economics.
    Hometown: Essex, VT
    Favorite Place On CampusI enjoy going to the gym because I am able to workout and clear my head of any school or personal stress. 

  • RiRi Stuart-Thompson (She/Her/Queen)

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Social Work. Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies.
    Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
    Advice For First Year Students: It is OKAY TO BE VULNERABLE! I honestly cannot stress this enough: Being vulnerable doesn't make you anything less than human. Know yourself and know when you're in need of help, seek it!

  • Trang Do (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Business Administration
    Hometown: S. Burlington, VT
    Best Study Tip: Find study spots across campus that work for you so you can get work done anywhere. Make friends with your classmates and sign up to be a notetaker; it helps you take better notes that you yourself can benefit from.

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (RSNR)
  • Hannah Nyoike (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Environmental Studies. Studio Art.
    Hometown: Madison, WI
    Advice For First Year Students: If you have to buy an IClicker PUT YOUR NAME ON IT. (I had to buy 2 first semester bc I didn't put my name on it)

  • Jessica Suquilanda (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Wildlife Biology. Animal Science.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Favorite Place On Campus: The Solarium because it's a quiet place and has plants in it which gives me a relaxing feeling.

  • Moriah Covey (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Elementary Education. Special Education. 
    Hometown: Williamstown, VT
    Favorite Place On Campus: My favorite place on campus is the pond on Redstone! Last year a pair of Red Winged Blackbirds and a pair of Canada Geese nested there! I have also seen ducks, muskrats, and even a fox! It is really cool to have nature so close!


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