Starting your academic career can be a scary, stressful, yet ultimately exciting time - for students and families alike. We're sure you have a lot of questions and hope that our site has answered most of them for you, but realistically, we know it's impossible to cover everything.

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Orientation Leaders (more frequently referred to as OLs) are upper class student leaders who help new students make a successful and smooth transition into UVM by serving as resources and role models by providing help and advice to incoming students and their families during orientation sessions throughout the summer! We will be hiring to fill these roles within the next couple of months, so check back for more information on how to apply!



  • Carly MoultonCarly Moulton (Student Orientation Coordinator)

    Class: 2020
    Hometown: Rockport, Massachusetts 
    College: College of Arts and Sciences
    Academic Interest: Psychology
    Favorite Place On Campus: Southwick Music Hall. I love to go there and listen to music being p

  • David Smith

    David Smith (Transfer Student Orientation Coordinator)

    Class: 2019
    Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
    College: College of Arts and Sciences
    Academic Interest: History
    Fun Fact: I'm an intramural referee on campus, and the love of my life is my cat. 



College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
  • Matina Comas-Altland

    Martina Comas-Altland

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Nutrition & Dietetics 
    Hometown: Rutland, Vermont 
    Involvement on CampusGroup Fitness!

  • Moriah CoveyMoriah Covey

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Elementary Education with a concetration in Special Education
    Hometown: Williamstown, Vermont 
    Best Study Tip: Make sure to switch your studying environment (it helps)!

  • Michael Fulciniti

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry 
    Hometown: Stow, Massachusetts
    Involvement on Campus: I play intramural volleyball, soccer, and broomball! 

  • Kelayah Gregg

    Kelayah Gregg

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Human Development & Family Studies 
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
    Best On-Campus Support: The Mosaic Center for Students of Color along with my professors have been an incredible support to make sure that I am successful.

  • David Smith

    David Smith

    Class: 2019
    Academic Interest: History with minors in Writing and Latin American Studies 
    Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
    Involvement on Campus: Campus Jobs & Social Justice Movements  

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
  • Carly AlpertCarly Alpert

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Undecided
    Hometown: Charlotte, Vermont 
    Favorite Place on Campus: SoYo in the Marché becuase they have the best frozen yogurt! 

  • Stephanie Brooks

    Stephanie Brooks

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: English with a minor in Psychology
    Hometown: Lebanon, New Hampshire
    Favorite Place On Campus: Redstone Unlimited Dining because I love their hot chocolate machine. 

  • Kerry Brosnan

    Kerry Brosnan

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Science
    Hometown: Westbury, New York
    Advice for First Year StudentsDon't be afraid to be yourself! You will find friends who will love all the quirky things about you!

  • Angela Camacho-DeSousaAngela Camacho-DeSousa

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Political Science
    Hometown: Burlington, Massachusetts
    Involvement on Campus: Working out at the gym, going to Group Fitness Classes, and attending UVM Athlectic Events 

  • Sonja CampbellSonja Campbell

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: English with a minor in Film & Television Studies 
    Hometown: Bronx, New York
    Advice for First Year Students: Just because someone may appear better than you, it doesn't mean that they are ahead of you.  

  • Anna CataldoAnna Cataldo

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Theatre with a minor in Philosophy 
    Hometown: Shelburne, Vermont 
    Favorite Professor at UVM: Christopher Vacaro! He taught British Literature, and I've never seen anyone so in love with their subject!

  • Allison FeeneyAllison Feeney

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Economics
    Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland
    Best On-Campus SupportMy professors are super helpful and their office hours have provided the best support. 

  • Emma GagneEmma Gagne

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Biological Science
    Hometown: Pembroke, New Hampshire 
    Best Study Tip: It takes a while to find out what study strategy and environment works for you, so don't get frustrated if you don't succeed at first. 

  • Kahlia Gonzales

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Biological Science with a minor in Chemistry 
    Hometown: Wallingford, Connecticut
    Advice for First Year Students: Make sure to take time for yourself! No matter how much work you have, remember that you need to take care of yourself. 

  • Danielle Jabbor Danielle Jabbor

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Art Studio with minors in French & Sociology
    Hometown: Dubai 
    Best Study TipStudy Buddies are essential! 

  • Anna KoloskyAnna Kolosky

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Science & English
    Hometown: Fishkill, New York 
    Best Study Tip: Don't be afraid to ask for help! Going to office hours can be hard, bur something as simple as sending an email can help immensely.  

  • Bella MezzarobaBella Mezzaroba

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: History & Anthropology
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Advice for First Year StudentsYour life at UVM will never stop evolving and changing. Identity is fluid. 

  • Carly MoultonCarly Moulton

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interet: Psychology 
    Hometown: Rockport, Massachusetts 
    Favorite Place On Campus: Southwick Music Hall. I love to go there and listen to music being p

  • Sarah ObimbaSarah Obimba

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Biological Science
    Hometown: Bronx, New York
    Favorite Place On Campus: Southwick Music Hall. The acoustics are amazing. 

  • Macarena Pelaez SalinasMacarena Pelaez Salinas

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Global Studies 
    Hometown: Homestead, Florida 
    Involvement on Campus: I go to Zumba and yoga. I love attending hockey games on Friday nights. I also support and am active with social justice movements on campus. 

  • Jesse SpraugeJesse Sprague

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Latin major
    Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut
    Favorite Places on Campus: The Interfaith Center. There is a prayer and meditation room that is accessible to all students, and I really value that space.

  • Brooke Stellman Brooke Stellman

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Political Science with a double minor in Global Studies and English
    Hometown: Roxbury, New Jersey 
    Favorite place to eat off campus: Hen of the Wood

  • Kyra Trombley Kyra Trombley

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Biological Sciences 
    Hometown: Fair Haven, Vermont
    Favorite Place to Eat Off-Campus: Duino Duende & El Gato 

  • Nathan ReznikNathan Reznik

    Class: 2021 
    Academic Interest: Mechanical Engineering
    Hometown: Wilton, Connecticut
    Advice for First Year StudentsWork in groups, especially when studying for tests. Everyone remembers different things, so you could all help eachother out. 

  • Maddy ZimmermanMaddy Zimmerman

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Undeclared
    Hometown: Traverse City, Michigan 
    Favorite Place On Campus: The Greenhouse because it always smells like plants in there and I also got to do my BCOR lab in there. 

College of Engineering and Math Sciences (CEMS)
  • Dia BrownDia Brown

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Engineering
    Hometown: Huntingtown, Maryland
    Favorite Place to Eat Off-CampusKKD or Rira's when I could afford it! 

  • Brett MeyerBrett Meyer

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Biomedical Engineering with a dual minor in Chemistry and Mathematics
    Hometown: Chesterfield, New Jersey
    Best Study Tip or Homework Help: Use tasks or reminders to keep track of your work and stay ahead.

  • Colin SandbergColin Sandberg

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Data Science with Computer Science minor
    Hometown: Concord, New Hampshire
    Favorite Professor at UVMSheila Weaver! She is the sweetest person and such a great professor. I've never had a class with her where I don't end up laughing. 

  • Delaney SullivanDelaney Sullivan

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Computer Science
    Hometown: North Andover, Massachusetts
    Involvement on Campus: I love attending all the UVM athlectic games!

College of Education and Social Services (CESS)
  • Dan KronlundDan Krolund

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Social Work
    Hometown: Longmeadow, Massachusetts
    Favorite Class at UVM: Sociology 019- Race Relations in the U.S. I loved that class because every time I stepped into that class, my world views were either shattered or expanded. 
  • Lizzie MurphyLizzie Murphy

    Class: 2019
    Academic Interest: Social Work 
    Lexington, Massachusetts 
    Favorite Professor at UVMSuzy Comerford. She has the utmuost love and support for her students, while continually challenging them to become their best selves. 
  • Nyria Riri Stuart ThompsonRiri Stuart-Thompson

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Social Work with a minor in Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies 
    Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Best On-Campus SupportTRIO/Student Support Services Office along with my advisors have given me the best advice.  
College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS)
  • Charlene MitchellCharlene Mitchell

    Class: 2019
    Academic Interest: Nursing 
    Hometown: Tilson, New York
    Favorite Place to Eat Off-CampusHenry's Diner

  • Rachel RubenstienRachel Rubinstein

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Communication Sciences & Disorder with a dual minor in Special Education and Music 
    Hometown: Millburn, New Jersey 
    Favorite On Campus Event: Battle of the Bands, where my band, The Guest Policy, performed at the finale! 

  • Hannah ScheibnerHannah Scheibner

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Nursing
    Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey 
    Favorite Place to Eat Off-CampusAmerican Flatbread, Sweetwaters, & the Turkish Kabab House 

  • Ariel TubbsAriel Tubbs

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Neuroscience 
    Hometown: Monroe, Ohio
    Best On-Campus Support: Throuhh TRIO/Student Support Services, and the Tutoring Center, I been able to make study plans that work for me and my schedule. 

Grossman School of Business (GSB)
  • Julia CowapJulia Cowap

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Business Administration with minor in Art 
    Hometown: Hackettstown, New Jersey 
    Best Study Tip: Definitely go to the library. The first floor is great for more social studying but you can also book study rooms which is awesome. 

  • Daniel DaiDaniel Dai

    Class: 2019
    Academic Interest: Business Administration with a minor in Economics
    Hometown: China
    Advice for First Year StudentsDon't be afraid to try new things and find something you are passionate about! 

  • Alyssa Edwards Alyssa Edwards

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: Business Administration
    Hometown: Columbus, New Jersey
    Best On-Campus Support: Office Hours! The best way to get support for your classes is to speak directly with the professor. They are extraordinarily helpful in every situation. 

  • Ryan McgunnesRyan McGuinnes

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Business
    Hometown: Warren, Pennsylvania
    Advice for First Year Students: Join as any clubs as possible and meet new people!

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (RSNR)
  • Sailor Abel Sailor Abel

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Studies
    Hometown: Dobbs Ferry, New York 
    Favorite Place to Eat Off-Campus: El Gato! Half price nachos every Thursday, who could resist?

  • Olivia GerardOlivia Gerard

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Studies & Public Policy Analysis
    Hometown: Medway, Massachusetts 
    Favorite Place On Campus: Aiken Center because the design of the building is so eco-friendly and pleasant to be around. 

  • Maggie LeeMaggie Lee

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Studies
    Hometown: Springfield, New Hampshire
    Favorite Place On Campus: I love the grass next to Virtue Field!


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