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The 2022 Orientation Leaders collectively represent 8 Countries, 20 States, and D.C. 

Orientation Leaders, your mentors on all things Orientation, and incoming students will be divided into six teams to compete throughout Orientation. 


Ailee (they/she)

Campus Involvement: "I often participate in group fitness classes at the gym on campus, and have recently joined art club."

Hometown: Hubbardston, Massachusetts


Ally (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The greenhouse because it’s so green and calming in there."

Hometown: Papillion, Nebraska



Amber (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "UVM Marche has great food! [I] love getting ice cream there with friends and sitting in the amphitheater. Also studying on the waterman green when it’s sunny is super fun."

Hometown: New Canaan, Connecticut


Becca (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Try everything you want to do and go to all the events you want. You don't have to commit to all or any of them but you might find something new that you love. Thats what happened with me and rugby and its honestly one of the best decisions I've made."

Hometown: Rock Hill, South Carolina



Ellie (they/them)

#1 Tip: "Get out and about your first few weeks, find people you feel you can be your best self around."

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut


Emma (she/her)

Campus involvement: "I'm an opinion columnist for the VT Cynic, a member of Women in Law, and a barista at Henderson's!"

Hometown: Queensbury, New York


G (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "Gutterson Rec, because is the only place in where I could take time for myself and just take a break about all school responsibilities for a bit."

Hometown: New York, New York


Giavanni (she/they)

Favorite Campus Location: "The marble steps side of the Howe on a sunny day is a great spot to sit and draw."

Hometown: Norwich, Vermont


Jake (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "The Atrium behind MAT; it's the best place to relax. Perfect energy there."

Hometown: Easton, Pennsylvania


Jessica (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Make sure to establish a balance between school work and hanging out with friends."

Hometown: Parsippany, New Jersey


Joe (they/he)

Favorite Campus Location: "The tunnel. I like to just lie on the benches in there and listen to the music, atmosphere is unmatched."

Hometown: Gaithersburg, Maryland


Julia (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Outing club, UVMSSC, WFS, rec climbing team, horticulture club

Hometown: Penfield, New York



Kai (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I am a certified open water scuba diver."

Hometown: Portland, Maine



Kate (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Any grassy spot to lay in the sun between class."

Hometown: Erdenheim, Pennsylvania



Kenzy (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I do stand-up comedy!!"

Hometown: Falmouth, Massachusetts



Lauren (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Dana Medical Library; super quiet and a great place to study."

Hometown: Kearny, New Jersey



Lily (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Hendersons Cafe because they have great coffee and treats and its a perfect space to get school work done!"

Hometown: Montpelier, Vermont


Maya (she/her)

Campus Involvement: TREK participant & leader, Vermont Cynic, Liberal Arts Scholars Program, Leadership Development Program with the Outing Club

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee


Mia (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Outing club leader, club water polo, ski and snowboard club

Hometown: Denver, Colorado



Nate (he/him)

Fun Fact: "[I] have eaten new world every weekday this (Spring 2022) semester"

Hometown: Weston, Massachusetts



Nola (they/them)

#1 Tip: "Keep reaching out to new people! Compliment strangers! Then ask them to get lunch sometime!! Everyone's looking to make friends, and most people are scared to make the first move-so get out there and do it!"

Hometown: Blacksburg, Virginia


Olivia (she/her)

Fun Fact: "My favorite article of clothing are socks"

Hometown: Westfield, New Jersey



Olly (she/they)

#1 Tip: "Be yourself while you're meeting new people! Let people get to know the real you."

Hometown: Maplewood, New Jersey



Sam (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "I love the Redstone green! There’s activities no matter the season. Rail boarding in the snow and spike ball and hammocking in the sun."

Hometown: Menlo Park, California



Amna (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Amphitheatre, because I can take a nap in the sun there."

Hometown: Pakistan



August (he/they)

Fun Fact: "I took Latin for 7 years."

Hometown: Holly Springs, North Carolina



 Barent (he/him)

Fun fact: "I never lived in the United States until 2016."

Hometown: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Brooke (she/her)

#1 tip: "Be open-minded and outgoing when meeting people, and give yourself time to meet the right group."

Hometown: Milford, Connecticut


Bryce (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I’ve set foot in every U.S. state."

Hometown: Northfield, Vermont



Charlie (he/him)

Favorite Location on campus: "The redstone green is my favorite location on campus because whenever it's nice and sunny out me and my friends go over there and play games just like it is recess in middle school."

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland


 Clara (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Chicks on sticks, club softball, ski and snowboard club, Psychology club.

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts


Ellett (she/her)

#1 Tip: "It’s completely fine to feel overwhelmed and tired. This is a big transition and everyone is going through it together! But everyone here is all willing to help and be a resource of any kind."

Hometown: Duxbury, Vermont


 Emma (she/her)

Campus Involvement: I am involved in New at UVM, running club and alpine ski racing club.

Hometown: Mendon, Vermont



Emmanuella (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "My favorite location on campus is the Mosaic Center for Students of Color because it is the one place on campus I feel loved and cared for."

Hometown: Bronx, New York


 Ginger (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Aiken Center, best vibes on campus and the student lounge has such comfy chairs!"

Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey


Grace (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The brickyard study room in the Rowell/Given connector because it's always quiet and a great place to study without distractions."

Hometown: St. Albans, Vermont


Ian (he/him)

Campus Involvment: Running Club, Nordic Ski Club, Outing Club, Amnesty int. Club.

Hometown: Camden, Maine



Jenny (they/she/he)

Favorite Campus Location: "WAGE center because its always quiet and peaceful."

Hometown: Bronx, New York



Josie (they/them)

#1 Tip: "Go to all of the events during the first few weeks, it’s nerve wracking but a great way to meet people and get comfortable on campus!"

Hometown: Fairfield, Connecticut


Kate (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I grew up skiing on Burke Mt about an hour and a half from here!"

Hometown: Barrington, New Hampshire



Kenzie (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Student Alumni Association, Bee Keeping Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, & Outing Club.

Hometown: Winterport, Maine


Liana (she/her)

#1 Tip: "If you have a question just ask someone. Don't be embarrassed!"

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut



Luke (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "The Student Government Association office because I hang out with friends there in between classes."

Hometown: East Lyme, Connecticut



Maddie (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "There is this one spot near Votey where the squirrels and bunnies come to get fed in the winter from some of the staff. It is very cute."

Hometown: Seattle, Washington


Mae (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Try not to compare your experience to others in the first couple months, everyone is going through the same things you are and its new to everyone!"

Hometown: Franklin, Massachusetts


Maggie (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I can speak german!"

Hometown: Delhi, New York



Pennelope (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Billings Library because I feel like I’m in Harry Potter."

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York



Saylor (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Introduce yourself to people (waiting in line, hammocking, anywhere) everyone’s looking for friends and it’s not embarrassing at all. I met some of my closest friends in line at the Marche."

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland


Skye (She/Her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The dementor statue trees, I love when it is warm out and everyone goes to hammock and do homework together, it is such a fun way to spend time with your friends!"

Hometown: Penn Yan, New York


Alison (she/her)

Fun fact: "I attended my first concert ever this year (it was mount joy and was simply incredible)."

Hometown: Bennington, Vermont


Allyson T. (she/her)

Fun Fact "I am trying to hike the Northeast 111."

Hometown: Candia, New Hampshire



Amanda (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Plan out your days or weeks in advance to make sure you are able to balance everything in your life."

Hometown: Needham, Massachusetts


Bailey (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Trust yourself to end up where you belong."

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut



Ben (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I love to snowboard!"

Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts



Brooke (she/her)

Campus Involvement: GSAC, TREK/outdoor programs, Chicks on Sticks, UVM SSC, intramural sports.

Hometown: San Diego, California


Ella (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Stay true to yourself, college is a place to change but always remember who you are. Also remember to wash your sheets."

Hometown: Frederick, Maryland


Emma (she/her)

Campus Involvement: UVM Cheerleading & Davis Center Team.

Hometown: Coventry, Rhode Island



Ethan (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "The university green because the food trucks are closeby, it’s not too far from classes, and there’s so much space outside to do work, relax, or catch up with friends during the semester."

Hometown: New York, New York


Henry (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I have ridden my bike to the Canadian border and back from Burlington."

Hometown: Hopewell, New Jersey



Jaden (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "My favorite location is the living and learning dorm because it's a good place to hang out with friends, study, and it has the marche and skinny p. Also, there's a piano in the fireplace lounge that I like to play every once in a while."

Hometown: Natick, Massachsetts


Jenny (they/them)

Campus Involvement: Rock climbing & Figure skating.

Hometown: Barnstable, Massachusetts



Josie (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Don't be afraid to talk to people in your classes! It's a great way to find friends or people to study with, and they are probably wanting those things just as much as you are."

Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Kenna (she/her)

Campus Involvement: "NAfME, Pep Band, Chamber Choir, Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Rock Climbing club, & Waffle Making club!"

Hometown: Stowe, Vermont


Mandy (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Don't be afraid to grow into who you want to become :)"

Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois



Mari (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Learn what uvm has to offer and explore. While staying in your room might be easy, going out and finding cool places on campus is so much fun and you meet great people!"

Hometown: Rochester, New York


Naomi (she/they)

Favorite Campus Location: "Centenial woods, I could spend hours there taking in all the nature and walking around. Its also really cool walking through it during the different seasons and seeing how much it changes."

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Sarah (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Just don't be afraid to do stuff! Now is your time to be free and try new things. Don't be afraid to do random stuff or go places. You can learn new things about yourself. Just do whatever you feel is right and necessary for you to be happy."

Hometown: Cheshire, Connecticut


Tabatha (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I named my dog after David Bowie!"

Hometown: Portland, Oregon



Tian (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Discuss your college course plan with the Advisor, such as course selection and major-related internships."

Hometown: China


Yuang (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "Gucciardi Fitness Center, best gym I have ever been in."

Hometown: China



Zen (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I practiced aerial dancing for 7 years."

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico


Ali (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "My favorite location on campus is Southwick music hall because it always has music playing and is a really nice ambience inside!"

Hometown: Chalfont, Pennsylvania


Anna (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "I love the hill right next to CCRH because my new friends and I got Dominos and Star gazed on it our 4th night here. Friends ever since."

Hometown: Middlebury, Vermont


Ben (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "Virtue field during pick up soccer."

Hometown: Montpelier, Vermont



Camille (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I've never tried coca cola, pepsi, or Dr. Pepper!"

Hometown: Washington, DC



Emma (she/her)

#1 Tip: "You'll find your people. Don't freak out if you don't find them right away or if it is proving to be difficult. Good things take time and good people will show up when you need them."

Hometown: North Liberty, Iowa


Es (he/they)

Campus Involvement: Timbersports Club & Fiber Arts Club.

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts



Gilli (she/her)

Fun Fact: "English is my second langauge!"

Hometown: Israel & Cambridge, Massachusetts



Heather (she/they)

Favorite Campus Location: "My favorite place on campus is the amphitheater because it's an open scenic view and is usually surrounded by people enjoying the moment. It's the perfect middle between people, shops, and campus buildings. :)"

Hometown: Walkersville, Maryland


Hil (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Probably the Davis Center for doing work, I am always so motivated to get things done there. But for having fun, the Athletic "Court" I always hammock there and it's quite enjoyable!"

Hometown: Albany, Vermont


Kate (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I know how to win 2048 almost every single time!"

Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania



Kendall (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Intramural sports, Ski and Snowboard Club, Student Nurses Association, and LINKS Peer Mentor.

Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut


Kira (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Have an open mind! Join clubs and take classes on topics you've never learned about before. You may surprise yourself with how much you enjoy them!"

Hometown: Westchester, New York


Lowel (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "4th floor Davis center during sunset, no better view on campus than that."

Hometown: Montpelier, Vermont


Mae (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Don't panic if you don't have it all together in the first week. It takes awhile to adjust to classes, dorm life and friendships."

Hometown: Cazenovia, New York


Maggie (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The Ampitheater in good weather. Or really any of the greens. I just love being able to sit out in the sun."

Hometown: Putney, Vermont


Naomi (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Invite people from your floor to the dining hall or to come to activities with you! Don't be afraid to knock on doors and introduce yourself, everybody else wants to meet people too!"

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Sam (they/them)

Fun Fact: "My favorite outdoor activities are mountain biking and snowboarding."

Hometown: Thetford, Vermont



Sarah (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Southwick!! I play the oboe so I get to spend lots of time there, plus the couches are great for napping between rehearsals."

Hometown: Hatboro, Pennsylvania


Sean (he/him)

#1 Tip: "Step outside of your comfort zone, and when you think you are, go even further."

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois



Shane (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I have been to every continent in the world."

Hometown: Williston, Vermont



Shea (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Either the window seats in Henderson's or the seats by the fish tank on the first floor of the Davis center. They're both great places to study or hang our with friends."

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina


Sophia (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Student Nutrition Association, Sponsorship coordinator for Chicks on Sticks, and I spend lots of time training and racing with the alpine ski racing club team!

Hometown: Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Alice (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "4th floor of disco (Innovation/Discovery) because it's where the physics lounge is and I can pretty much always count on finding friend(s) there at any time of day."

Hometown: Needham, Massachusetts


Anna (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Don’t be afraid to ask your professors any kind of questions, most of them are really nice and are happy to answer anything!"

Hometown: Champaign, Illinois


Bri (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I am a dual citizen of US and Finland."

Hometown: Morristown, New Jersey



Cal (he/him)

Favorite Campus Location: "My favorite location of campus is likely the booths in Central Dining. They're comfortable and close to the drink machine."

Hometown: Windsor, Connecticut


Camie (she/her)

Campus involvement: Speech and Hearing club, CSD Peer Mentoring, Kappa Alpha Theta, Chicks on Sticks, UVM Ski and Snowboard Club, Women in Stem, Planned Parenthood Gen Action, and CHNS LINKS program.

Hometown: Williston, Vermont


Caroline (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The Davis Center because I like to work there, eat lunch and just hang out."

Hometown: Dummerston, Vermont


Ella (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "[The] Greenhouse in the winter because it feels so warm and homey."

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota


Emma (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Grossman Lobby because it’s so pretty with all the plants and there’s the cafe right there in case you get hungry while studying."

Hometown: Rochester, New York


Ian (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I've been skiing since I was 2 years old."

Hometown: Stockbridge, Vermont



Jaeda (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I like to make hot sauce."

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado



Jamie (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Don't be afraid to meet new people. You'll be surprised at how friendly people are here, I know I was."

Hometown: Roslyn, New York (Long Island)


Jenny (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I aspire to be a pro potter (someone who makes pottery to clarify) one day."

Hometown: Mount Laurel, New Jersey



Katie (she/her)

#1 Tip: "My #1 tip for incoming students would be to take opportunities to get off campus and explore. Taking the bus downtown or signing up for an Outing Club trip are fun ways to get out of the dorms and meet new people."

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire


Kiara (she/her)

Campus Involvement: "UVM Orchesis (student-led contemporary dance company), UVM Advocats (tour guide/admissions representative), UVM Honors College, UVM Asian Student Union, and UVM Ski Snowboard Club are the main groups I am affiliated with!"

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia



Mish (they/them)

Favorite Campus Location: "Innovation, the STEM vibes are perfect for putting me in the study mood and it's also a great place to just chill until my next class."

Hometown: Jamaica


Morgan (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The trees behind CCRH because it's a great place to hammock and hang out when the weather is nice, and there are almost are always students there which gives it such a great community vibe."

Hometown: Newington, Connecticut


Petra (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The taxidermy collection in Marsh Life Science.  The catamount may look goofy (or even scary) but I SWEAR it gives me good luck."

Hometown: Tampa, Florida


Sarah (she/her)

Campus Involvement: I am a part of the UVM Ballroom and Swing Society!

Hometown: Morgan, Vermont



Sean (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I've worked at a cherry-themed restaurant and winery the past four summers."

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois



Shane (he/she/they)

Fun Fact: "I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 40 seconds!"

Hometown: Norwalk, Connecticut



Sofia (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "There is this little nook underneath one of the staircases on Central that I go to a lot when I need a quiet study space."

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Sparhawk (he/him)

Campus Involvement: Gaming Guild & Aikido Club.

Hometown: Newburyport, Massachusetts



Taylor (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I have a pet duck!"

Hometown: South Burlington, Vermont


Addy (she/her)

Fun Fact: "[I] Grew up in Madison, Wisconsin so I'm a big packer fan #cheeseheadbaybeeee!"

Hometown: East Hampton, Connecticut



Amelia (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Summit Sisters, Intramural Soccer (fall), SSC (learned to ski), Outing Club (was on Trek)!

Hometown: Mendham, New Jersey


Becca (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The green in front of the Davis center because it’s an awesome place to do work or hang out when the weather is nice. I also love when different clubs or companies are set up here, because it gives me the opportunity to see new things."

Hometown: Massachusetts


Brandon (he/him)

#1 Tip: "Explore the campus! There are so many beautiful places with amazing views, as well as good study areas whether its outside in a secluded area or in a building. So get out as much as possible!"

Hometown: Lansdale, Pennsylvania


Bridie (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Outing Club Haus manager, chicks on sticks, TREK, and Women in Business.

Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut


Cameron (he/him)

#1 Tip: "Managing time is the most important part of college."

Hometown: Morrisville, Vermont



Elijah (he/him)

Fun Fact: "I am an Avid LARPer."

Hometown: Winooski, Vermont



Ellie (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "I love the fishbowl because it’s such a fun social place and i always see someone I know."

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California


Emma (she/her)

Fun Fact: "I speak English, Spanish, French, and I’m learning Italian!"

Hometown: Panama City, Panama



Em (she /her)

#1 Tip: "Get involved in clubs as a first year! You'll always wish you had started earlier!!!"

Hometown: Manchester, New Hampshire



Grace (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "The 4th floor of the Davis Center. I love to get a coffee from Henderson's, and do homework on the 4th floor by a window!"

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, New York


Hannah (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Do not overthink everything that happens in the first few weeks of college, everyone is trying to adjust, and it just takes time. Also take advantage of all the activities at the beginning of the year it is a great way to meet people and also just have fun."

Hometown: Leominster, Massachusetts


Indira (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "One of my favorite locations is the red stone forest with all trees because it is a great area to picnic or hammock, and a great quiet spot to do homework as well."

Hometown: Barre, Vermont


Ingrid (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Savor your time here; it goes by fast!"

Hometown: Rutland, Vermont



Julie (she/her)

Fun Fact: "When I was 14 I did two triathlons and biked 100 miles in 3 days!"

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York



Kaitlin (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Rock climbing team, student alumni association, speech and hearing science club, CSD peer mentoring, and research.

Hometown: River Forest, Illinois


Lynn (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Skinny P because it's got the best food on campus and I always go with friends."

Hometown: Waterbury, Vermont


Maddie (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Be yourself! Have fun!"

Hometown: San Anselmo, California



Mahder (she/her)

Campus Involvement: Hall Council, BSU, and Intermural sports.

Hometown: Swampscott, Massachusetts



Marco (he/him)

Fun Fact: "[I] Can string a tennis racquet in 30 minutes."

Hometown: Montclair, New Jersey



Mare (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Spend as much time as you can outside. It's good for the soul."

Hometown: Keene, New York



Naomi (she/her)

#1 Tip: "Enjoy the journey that college is, because in retrospect, it will be worth it and it doesn’t last all that long. Push yourself to find new opportunity and foster new connections. These are the sorts of experiences you will be able to look back on, be proud of, and carry with you after your time at UVM."

Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire


Royce (she/her)

Favorite Campus Location: "Billings Library because it looks fancy and I can get a lot of work done."

Hometown: Chatham, New Jersey


Ryan (he/him)

Favorite Campus Locations: "Top Floors of Old Mill. Open desks and chairs all around and is a great and relaxing place to study."

Hometown: Lancaster, Massachusetts


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