New service facilitates the delivery of UVM-licensed software to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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In support of remote instruction this fall, UVM is now providing a new service that allows students, faculty and staff to access a range of software from any device and from any location.

The new service, powered by AppsAnywhere, is a replacement of the UVM software download site and improves upon the previous delivery method in several key ways:

  • By logging into the site with your UVM NetID, the service will determine which software should be accessible to you based on your role at UVM (whether you should receive the instructor or student versions of software, for example).
  • It takes your device, operating system and location into consideration when determining which software to make available to you and how to deliver it so that it runs effectively.
  • Software that was typically only provided in campus computer labs can be made accessible to you remotely (even if it’s Windows software and you’re using a Mac). The list of available options will grow as the semester continues.

These features are easy to use. Go to, log in with your UVM NetID and browse the list of software in the "Available" tab. These items can be launched or downloaded directly from this page by clicking on the software title.

More information

Wondering why some software is showing up as “Unavailable” to you? Need software you don’t see on your list? Read this Knowledge Base article for more information about this service, for help troubleshooting any issues, and to submit a software request form.