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Student Technology Resources

We know that being a student this fall will require an additional reliance on technology. We’d like to help you through this challenging time by pointing out key tech tasks to check off your “start of the semester to-do list.” By attending to the items on this list now, you will avoid problems when your classes are in full swing. Paying attention to this now will alleviate some stress later! Need help along the way? Contact the UVM TechTeam.

Pre-Semester Setup

This section contains resources for new and returning students to familiarize themselves with before the start of classes.

Connecting to UVM's Wireless Network

Instructions for connecting to UVM’s on-campus wi-fi network can be found here.

Please note that some devices, such as video game consoles, are unable to connect to enterprise wi-fi networks like UVM’s.  These devices should be used with a wired connection, instructions for which can be found on the page linked above.

Installing your copy of Microsoft Office 365

All UVM students have access to a license for Microsoft Office applications.  Included apps that you are likely to use for your courses include: Teams, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

To download and install Microsoft Office 365, follow the instructions on this page.

Accessing your UVM Email

You can access your UVM email account using several methods, including the Outlook application (Included with Office 365), the web view (https://mail.uvm.edu), and adding the account to another email program.

Instructions for all of these methods can be found here.

This email account will be important for communicating with instructors and receiving other official UVM communications.

Enrolling in Multifactor Security

When signing into certain UVM resources, such as the VPN, UVM requires the use of Duo Multifactor Security.

Duo is a second layer of authentication after a user enters their password.  This will require the use of a secondary device, such as a phone.  Instructions for enrolling a device in Duo Multifactor Security and on using this service can be found in this article.

Installing other UVM-licensed Software

AppsAnywhere is an application that will be used at UVM to distribute university-licensed software to both uvm-owned and personal devices.

To get started, visit the UVM’s AppsAnywhere page.  This is where you will be able to most of UVM’s downloadable software.

Please note that some software is not available to all users.  If there is a piece of software that you think you should see but don’t, please contact the Tech Team.

Connecting to UVM's VPN

Some UVM software and services, such as software licensing or access to the shared drive, require use of the VPN when off-campus.

Instructions for access to UVM’s VPN can be found here.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the primary means of communication that will be used for remote classes.  Instructions for it’s use can be found below and in the main Microsoft Teams article.

Download and Install Microsoft Teams

During the upcoming Fall semester, you will most likely need to use Microsoft Teams to communicate with instructors and classmates.

If you are not already familiar with Microsoft Teams, go here for instructions on how to download and install it.

Customize your Notifications

You can customize how you are notified of activity or Chats in a Team and in a Team Channel (a sub-section within a Team).  Here are directions on how to customize your settings (see: Notification Settings).

This is commonly used to

Course Team Access Delays during Add/Drop Period

When adding or dropping a course, there will be some delay between a change in course registration and access to the class Team. Team courses sync twice per day and will appear in your Teams list.

Contact your instructor and let them know you may miss a class. They will let you know how to catch up.

Get to Know Teams

To be able to participate in your online courses, it will be important to know how to use Microsoft Teams to do the following:

  • Access the class notebook
  • Raise/Lower your hand
  • Turn your camera and microphone on and off.

Read about these features here in the “Attend Lectures” section Be sure you read through the “Trouble Shooting and FAQs”.

If something is not working, leaving and rejoining the meeting is a good first troubleshooting step.

Keep your Teams Calendar up-to-date

It is important to accept your lecture meetings so they correctly appear on your calendar and send notifications.

Scroll to “Accepting your Recurring Lecture Meetings on this page to learn how.


UVM’s Blackboard site is where most classes will host grades and assignments.  Blackboard can be accessed in your browser here.

Check your Browser Compatibility

Use this page to make sure that your web browser is compatible with Blackboard.  It may be necessary to update the program if it is out-of-date.

Customize your Notifications

Blackboard can help you keep on top of what is going on in your courses.  Read about the different types of notifications and how to edit them here.

Personalize your Profile Picture

Organize your Course List

You don’t have to see every Blackboard course that you’ve ever been enrolled in.  Read about how to manage your course list.

Know the Strengths and Limitations of the Blackboard Mobile App

While the Blackboard mobile app is able to show you your course information, actions like test-taking are not supported or recommended using the mobile app.

Read more about how to use the Blackboard Mobile app here.

Can't see your Course?

First day of class?  Email your instructor, they may not have made it available yet.  During Add/Drop?  There may be a delay of up to 24 hours before you have access to the course.

If you are unable to see a course that you think you should be, and the instructor has made it available, please feel free to contact the Tech Team so that we can look into why it may not be appearing.

Will you be Taking Tests in Blackboard?

Bookmark this page, and be sure to read it carefully before you take your first test.

Does your course require Respondus Lockdown Browser or Monitor?

Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements to use this software, and contact your instructor if you do not.

Find your Grades

Finding your instructor’s feedback in “My Grades” can be tricky.  Learn how to find them here.