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Microsoft Teams – Join a Scheduled Video Conference

Your instructor may schedule class meetings or activities remotely using Microsoft Teams.  These sessions can include chat, video, audio, and other elements.  The below guidelines will help you successfully connect to these sessions.

Download Teams Client Prior to Meeting

In order to see video for the meeting, be sure to download and install the Teams client prior to joining.  If using the web-only interface, it is recommended that you use the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Connect with a device that has microphone capabilities, or use an external device such as headphones with built-in microphone. Allow the webinar to access your microphone (do not block it if using a browser).
  2. Open the link provided by your instructor to join the conference session.  This will bring you to a page where you can choose to join using the Microsoft Teams App or via the Web.
  3. Once connected to the webinar, use the following settings to be sure you are not disrupting other students during the class.
    1. Mute your microphone.  This will prevent ambient noises from interrupting whomever is currently speaking.
    2. Do not share your screen unless asked to by the instructor or moderator.
    3. Open the chat window to be able to participate and access any chat/discussion currently taking place.
Updated on September 15, 2023

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