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OneDrive: Scan, Sign, and Share documents

With the recent shift to working remotely, you may be wondering how you can securely scan, sign, and share documents with colleagues without the use of your department’s office scanner/printer.

The OneDrive mobile app allows you to scan documents into PDFs and upload them directly to your University of Vermont OneDrive account. From there, you can share the documents with other affiliates.

If you need help installing or signing into your UVM OneDrive account, see this guide.

A note on DATA security:

It is important to use the method outlined below when scanning and sharing documents.

The OneDrive app meets the requirements of our data security policy, taking a picture of a document using your phones built in camera app does not.

  • Do not use OneDrive to store or share HIPAA data.
  • Do not download and save files from your OneDrive account locally on your device.

source: Microsoft

  1. In the OneDrive app, tap Scan Icon for Scan in OneDrive mobile apps .

  2. Select Document and tap the white circle icon to scan the item.Scan options for OneDrive for iOS

    Tip: Use the option for multi-page scanning, allowing you to combine multiple scans into a single PDF. To utilize that option, tap Add, then scan your next document.

  3. To sign or draw on the image, select the Pen icon and choose a color. (If you don’t like the image, tap the left arrow icon in the upper left to delete the scan and try again.)

  4. Once you’re done editing your item, tap Done (or the checkmark on Android devices), enter a file name, then tap Save (or the checkmark on Android devices).
  5. Find the doc on your OneDrive (you may be prompted to share the latest scan) and tap the three dots to open a menu to share.
Updated on October 22, 2020

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