Installing JMP Pro

JMP Pro is a comprehensive, interactive, visually-oriented statistical analysis program. If you are unsure which version of JMP Pro to install, please contact your instructor.

Installing and licensing JMP Pro requires AppsAnywhere

For more information about using the UVM software site, see the AppsAnywhere guide.

Installing JMP Pro

The installation method differs between versions. Search for the version you need at and click on its icon to view the info page. This page should contain any necessary steps to take.

Updating license info

If your JMP Pro license is expired, a screen will pop up notifying you of this when you open the program. From this screen, click Open License then navigate to the license file downloaded from UVM’s software site.

Current licenses can be found in the info section of each version of JMP Pro listed on

You do not need to preemptively update the license for JMP before it expires, as there is a grace period for you to update the license once it does.

Updated on April 30, 2024

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