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Clear Domain Credential Cache

When logging in to a Windows CAMPUS domain-joined computer for the first time, a valid UVM network connection is needed to verify your NetID credentials. After this initial login, NetID credentials are cached locally on the computer. This local credential cache allows users to log in to CAMPUS domain joined machines when off-campus, or when an internet connection is not available.

On occasion, the local credential cache needs to be cleared in order for Windows to become aware of an updated or recently changed NetID password. A common symptom of this issue is a CAMPUS domain-joined machine that will not accept a recently changed/updated NetID password but will authenticate successfully with the previous NetID password.

How to Clear Domain Credential Cache

  1. Log in to the CAMPUS domain-joined computer with your NetID credentials (this may require your old NetID password)
  2. Verify your computer is connected to the UVM wired or UVM wireless networks. If credentials are required to connect to the UVM wireless network, use your updated NetID password.

    If off-campus, use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN software to get a valid UVM network connection. (use your updated NetID password to log in to the Cisco VPN Client)

  3. When you’ve verified that your computer has a valid UVM network connection (UVM wired, UVM wireless, or VPN), press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard.
  4. From the options that appear, select “Lock” or “Lock this computer” (varies by OS version).
  5. From the Windows Lock screen, log back into the computer using the updated NetID password.

Troubleshooting Steps

Internet Connection Required

Verify your computer has an active UVM network (UVM wired, UVM wireless, VPN) connection and try following the steps above again.

I followed these steps, but my new password still isn't working.

If your updated NetID password does not work after completing the above steps, it is possible that your password is out of sync between services and will need to be changed again. You can change your NetID password at account.uvm.edu.

I don't know my old NetID password.

If you don’t know the old password for your NetID, you can also try the steps outlined in this article: https://www.uvm.edu/it/kb/article/remote-signin-domain-joined/.

Updated on April 14, 2020

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