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Changing your Primary Email Address

UVM’s Exchange email system allows you to select a Primary email address. Your selected email address will appear on all emails that you send through Exchange.

By default, the primary email address is set to firstname.lastname@uvm.edu. This can be changed to be netid@uvm.edu using the process described below, if preferred. Someone might choose to swap their primary email address for privacy reasons, for usage with UVM LISTSERV, or for some other reason.

You'll receive email sent to any of your account's email addresses

Whether you use your netid@uvm.edu or firstname.lastname@uvm.edu as your primary email address, you’ll still receive emails sent to any of your accounts email addresses.

To change your Primary email address:

  1. Visit account.uvm.edu/email-settings, signing in with your UVM NetID and password if prompted.
  2. Click the dropdown under the Primary Email Address section, and select your desired primary email address.selectnewaddress

Changes should take effect immediately. People who have an address book entry for your account may still see your first and last name when receiving mail from your, irrespective of your primary email address.

Updated on September 10, 2021

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