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Calendar Permissions Levels

Changing the default permissions level of your Exchange calendar will change how others see events on your calendar. If you want to know how to set default permissions, click here. If you want to know what each of these views looks like to a user viewing your calendar, see below.

Owner's View

  • This is a sample calendar day, to show how the calendar owner would see their schedule:imageedit_1_8690543159

Visibility to Other Users

  1. None
    • No visibility at all.
    • Users will not be able to see any of your events or availability.imageedit_9_9613516714
  2. Free/Busy time
    • Blocks of time with status displayed.
    • No other details visible.imageedit_3_4091018024
  3. Free/Busy time, subject, location
    • Blocks of time with event subject and location displayed.imageedit_5_8970519658
  4. Full Details
    • Blocks of time with event subject and location displayed.
    • User can select events to view full details.imageedit_7_5759363345

Updated on April 27, 2023

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