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Turnitin is a tool that can be used to assess similarities between students’ written submissions and other documents.TurnItIn generates a report that compares the content of student submissions to websites, journal articles, and other written assignments collected at the University of Vermont, along with other schools. All images in this tutorial are screenshots.

Creating a Turnitin Similarity Assignment

Step 1: Create an Assignment as You Normally Would

Here are directions to create an assignment in Brightspace

Best Practice

Add a note to students’ instructions- “TurnItIn is enabled for this assignment.”

Step 2 – Under Submission & Completion, select Compatible with TurnItIn

When you select Compatible with TurnItIn, these are the Allowed File Extensions: htm, html, mht, mhtml, doc, docx, hwp, odt, rtf, pdf, wpd, txt, ps, pptx, ppt, ppsx, pps, xls, xlsx.

Step 3 – Under Evaluation & Feedback, select Manage TurnItIn

Best Practice

Allow learners to see similarity scores in their submission folder

Choose “Enable Similarity Report”

Evaluating a Turnitin Similarity Assignment

Go to Course Tools > Assignments > Select a TurnItIn Assignment > View Submissions

Interpreting a Turnitin Similarity Report

Select the Report you Wish to Review

The report will open in a new window.

The similarity tools are on the left-hand side of the report.


  • Hidden Text – We’ve found text that has been changed to be the same color as the background color. This can be an attempt to artificiality inflate the word count of a document or to throw off similarity detection.
  • Replaced Characters – The author of the paper has swapped out easily mistakable letters from different alphabets in an effort to try and elude similarity detection. We automatically swap the replaced characters for the correct one when generating the Similarity Report, but the intention of academic misconduct is there.



High similarity scores are not good or bad. They indicate closer examination by you is needed.

The ranking icon views all sources and indicates the location.

Visit the TurnItIn documentation for more information on the Similarity Report.

Grading a Turnitin Similarity Assignment

Evaluate the assignment as you normally would.

Note to Students

To view originality reports for their submission, go to the Submission History page for this folder.

TurnItIn Documentation

Updated on August 31, 2023

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