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Brightspace Migration: Assignments

Check to see if Blackboard assignments made with the Assignment Tool moved over to Brightspace

  1. On the top navigation bar, select Course Tool > Assignments.
  2. Scroll through the assignments you see listed to be sure you see all assignments you are expecting to see.
  3. If something is missing, identify which Content Area the assignment was placed within Blackboard, and then look in the Brightspace Table of Contents (under Content & Activities) for the corresponding Module.

After verifying that all assignments are there, follow these steps:

We recommend checking each assignment to be sure all settings have been maintained. You can edit them separately or in bulk.

Bulk editing primary info for multiple assignments:

  1. Check the box at the very top of the left column to select all.
  2. Click the “Bulk Edit” button just above the assignment list.
  3. On this page, you can edit titles, availability dates, due dates, etc. If you want to change other details such as descriptions or point values, follow the single assignment directions, below.

Editing information for a single assignment:

  1. Select the down arrow to the right of the assignment title, and then select Edit Assignment.
  2. In the Name box, verify/adjust the name of the assignment as necessary.
  3. In the “Grade out of” box, verify that the points match your expectations. Revise as necessary.
  4. Next, you should see a key icon, and the words “In Grade Book.” This lets you know that this assignment is tied successfully to the gradebook. If you instead see the words “Not in Grade Book,” verify that you have added a point value to the assignment, select the down arrow next to Not in Grade Book, and then select In Grade Book.
  5. In the Due Date boxes, adjust the date and time as necessary.
  6. In the Instructions box, verify and adjust as necessary.
  7. Below the instructions box are some additional options you can utilize if desired. If you hover your mouse over each icon, you’ll see the options. You can also record audio or video instructions using the Record Audio and Record Video buttons.

Deleting Assignments:

  1. Delete single assignment – Click the down arrow to the right of the assignment for the delete option
  2. Delete multiple assignments – Check the boxes to the left of each assignment and click the More Actions button
  3. Delete assignment(s) from Grades – If the assignment is connected to the grade center, you’ll need to delete that column. (Go to Grades & Feedback/ Grades/ and click Manage Grades to check the column(s) to delete.
  4. Delete assignment from Module area – If you’ve placed the assignment in a module (what would have been a Folder/Content Area in Blackboard) you need to delete the link to the assignment there, as well.
Updated on January 20, 2023

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