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Brightspace – Replace Strings

An excellent way to personalize your course and communications in Brightspace is to use Replace Strings. Replace Strings are specific variables in curly braces { } that are then replaced with the corresponding variable value, such as a student’s name or the course name, etc. They’re easy to use!

A few examples are:

  • Start a course announcement with “Good morning, {FirstName}!”
    Each student sees their own name, e.g. “Good morning, Maria!”
  • In your course banner, you can replace the existing text with “Welcome, {FirstName}, to Environmental Geology”
    Theo will see “Welcome, Theo, to Environmental Geology” in his course view. (To do this, hover over the banner and click the 3 dots (…).”
  • If you’re using Intelligent Agents to sends emails to students, use {InitiatingUserFirstName}
  • NOTE: Emails sent from the classlist do not support Replace Strings

You can read more and see a list of all the possible Replace Strings on D2L’s Community site, Automatically customize course content using replace strings

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Updated on January 19, 2024

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