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Blackboard – Add/Remove TA, Course Builder, Student With Incomplete

Instructors can add TAs, Course Builders, and Students who have an Incomplete status to their courses in Bb. This is done within the myUVM portal.

Note: Results will not appear in Bb immediately.

The feed that updates banner runs a few times a day, M-F. Since the changes you make here are delivered to Bb as part of this periodic process, it may be several hours before you the person you are adding has access in Bb.

Adding a TA

  1. Log in to MyUVM.
  2. Click on the Teaching tab, if you are not already there.Arrow pointing to the location of the Teaching Tab in myUVM.
  3. On the right, in the My Blackboard box, click on the green Grant Blackboard Course Access button. Arrow showing location of grant Blackboard access button.
  4. Choose a term from the drop down list, then choose a courseScreenshot - Adding a TA
  5. Enter either the person’s NetID or a student ID, choose the role you would like to grant to this person, then click Submit.Arrows pointing to the form fields to Enter the NetID of the person you wish to add, and select their role.
    What's the difference between these roles?

    Scroll down to see definitions of what the roles are and their associated permissions.

  6. If you are adding TAs to multiple courses, you’ll need to click on the Back to Teaching Tab, then on Grant Blackboard Course Access, select the new course from the list, and click Submit.Arrow pointing to back to teaching tab link.
  7. On the subsequent page, click the Blackboard Additions link and follow the above steps 4-5 to add them.Location of Blackboard Additions link on teaching tab.

Adding users who are not in Banner

If the person you are attempting to add is not in Banner, you will get an error message when trying to add them via MyUVM. If this happens to you, please contact blackboard@uvm.edu with the 5-Digit CRN of the course, NetID, and the desired role (i.e. TA or Course Builder).

Removing a TA or Changing a Role

To remove someone previously added with the above process, follow the steps 1-3 to get to the Blackboard Additions screen. Enter the student’s NetID, but choose Remove BB Access granted here.

Similarly, to change someone’s role (say from Course Builder to TA), select that role from the drobpdown and click Submit.

Arrow pointing to the selection for removing a TA.

Definitions of Available Roles

Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant (TA) has the same access to all areas of a course as the instructor. If you don’t want the TA to have access to the Bb grade center, consider the course builder role, instead. Note: If a TA has authorization and access to enter grades into Banner, then they will automatically have instructor access to the Blackboard course. You do not need to add them with the method described on this page.

Course Builder

A Course Builder has access to edit most areas of content, but does not have access to the grade center.

Student with an incomplete

A student can only be added with this role if this student has received an Incomplete for the same course and this information has been previously entered in Banner.

Updated on September 17, 2021

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