Leadership Team

The Institute for Agroecology uses a shared leadership model to strongly connect with the three core activities of the land-grant mission: research, teaching/learning and outreach/extension. Guided by the steering committee and advisory board, the Leadership Team will set the strategic direction and delivery of the Institute's programs to achieve our vision and mission.

Colin Anderson

Associate Director of Research

Martha Caswell

Associate Director of Community and Learning

Ernesto Méndez

Faculty Director

Steering Committee

The Institute will be governed by an internal steering committee made up of key UVM stakeholders. This body will ensure that the Institute is aligned with UVM’s strategic priorities and aligned with its accountability mechanisms. 

More information coming soon on the composition of the Steering Committee.

Advisory Board

The advisory board will be made up of individuals working in transformational agroecology and food systems, who can provide critical advice and guidance. We will seek people with a track record of alignment with our mission and vision, who operate in a diversity of roles inside and outside of academia and across geographic locations.

More information coming soon on the composition of the Advisory Board.

The Coordinating Committee of the Agroecology Community of Practice at UVM

The Coordinating Committee of UVM's Agroecology Community of Practice is an essential piece in orienting that group's work. Besides attending to the day-to-day functioning of the Community of Practice - organizing the schedule of meetings and social outings for the semester - the Coordinating Committee keeps an eye on how our social process aligns with what we hope to achieve together. They play a key leadership role, facilitating discussions about the community's future and  moments of reflection.

Learn more about UVM's Agroecology Community of Practice here.