This series of short publications explores different aspects of agroecology transitions. It focuses on the notion of praxis, which is the continual consideration of theory/reflection alongside practice/action. This helps us to think deeply about our work and how to best contribute to social transformation.

Available in French, Spanish and English, these articles are intended to be used by agents of change in agroecology transitions (including farmers, activists, researchers, policy-makers and others).

People standing in a field

No. 4 – Meet Lizzie Shumba: Advancing nutrition, climate change adaptation, and gender justice in Malawi

English; Français; Español

Lizzie discusses agroecology's position in her work in farmer-centered research and its potential as a people-centered and equitable movement.

Person giving a presentation

No. 3 – Working Together for Agroecology Transitions

English; FrançaisEspañol

Explains agroecological transitions as complex multi-scale processes that unfold in the communities and territories of food provisioners, and involve many dimensions.

People walking in front of farming equipment

No. 2 – Embracing Critical Friendship for Agroecology Transitions

English; Français; Español

Presents the idea of critical friendship as as a method for anyone seeking to become better agents of change in processes of agroecology transitions.

People standing in a field

No. 1 – Sweet Rose in the Field


A spotlight profile on Ross Mary Borja, Director of EkoRural in Ecuador, and her reflections on agroecology transitions.