One of the ways in which we can amplify our particular vision of agroecological transformations is through collaborating on special issues of academic journals. On this page, we invite you to peruse the special issues that we've participated in, including those for which the team at the Institute for Agroecology has served as guest editor and curator.

Special Issues or Features

Journal Title

Special Issue Title


Our Contribution

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community DevelopmentAgroecology in the USA2022-2024Guest Editor (Horner)

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene

Principle-based Approaches in Agroecology


Guest Editors (Méndez, Anderson, Bucini, McCune

Elementa: Science of the AnthropoceneWays of Knowing and Being for Agroecology Transitions2023-Guest Editor (Anderson)
Agroecology and Sustainable Food SystemsAgroecological Transitions and Transformations2020Guest Editor (Anderson)
Agriculture and Human ValuesLearning for Transformation in Food Movements2019Guest Editor (Anderson)