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  • Day 6

    day 6: Routine

    “The things you own end up owning you.”
     – Fight Club

There is a difference between ‘getting high’ and ‘being high’. Being high is what you experience after you partake. It is chemical.

Getting high is the experience before and as you partake. It is personal and perhaps social. It develops over time. People create their own routines and preferences. Techniques can turn into art forms, and people begin to feel like a master of their craft. Since we all need to feel mastery, this can be hard to give up.

Consider if you have a ‘smoke-hole’: that spot where you always sit; that little table with your stash, grinder, and favorite piece. A space like this has gravity. Some people get sucked in so far that their world shrinks to six feet wide, revolving around their mini fridge, a remote, game controller, speakers, and setup.

For some people, cannabis becomes an identity- their brand. They might be the connoisseur who learns every stain. Or that guy who takes the biggest bong rip. Or the girl who rolls the best joints. This is all kinda silly… but kinda real.

If you really enjoy partaking, it is ok to be good at it. But when you list the things that you are best at in life, cannabis probably shouldn’t be in your top 3. We get good and what we practice. When you get high, you spend your time on that and not other things.

With the time and perspective you gain while taking a break, measure how wide your world is. Consider what routines are worth returning to- and what routines are better left behind.