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  • Day 7

    Day 7: Celebrate

    “Treat yo'self”
     – Parks and Rec

Week 1 complete!

You have accomplished what most people consider the hardest part. Many people feel like it gets easier from here. Well done!

As we addressed yesterday, getting high requires time. It also takes money. Consider the money you’ve saved this week not smoking. It is now time to spend it: treat yo’self.

After these 21 days, if you continue your break you can save that money for something big. But during this tolerance break… spend it.

What are you going to spend it on? Music, movies, food (now that your appetite is back?!) Maybe treat yourself to fancy pajamas, for your new bedtime routine. Whatever. It’s your call.

Try to reflect. If it is your style, draw or write about your experience this past week.