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  • Day 19

    Day 19: connecting Down

    “I don’t care about anyone not liking me,
    you bitches barely like yourselves”
    –Cardi B

Yesterday’s theme of connecting up was a bit metaphysical. Today’s theme is more grounded.

We need connection to the people around us. Those connections are roots that feed us, anchor us, and secure us in a storm. We grow connected to the people who are there for us when we need them.

Cannabis is one way to make connections to other people. But how can we know the difference between real friends and weed friends?

If those connections grow beyond cannabis and become grounded in something deeper, then those are true friends. If those connections do not grow past the cannabis, then those are weed friends.

Take a look at your friendships. Do you hang out with people who don’t use cannabis? Consider how you spend time with your friends who do. If you do lots of things together- talk about lots of things, and just sometimes get high together… those are likely real friends. However, if you mostly get high together- talk about how high you are, how high you’ve been, and the next time you’ll get high… those are weed friends.

Who have you felt connected to during this t-break? That should give you some sense of who is truly there for you. Use that info.